Unlock High-Level Production and Weapons on ASICA Island Map in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ - Find the Key from the Wet DMZ Bag!


ASIA island map in Phone call of Task: War zone DMZ teems with surprise hiding places with target and locked areas that you can unlock for top-level production and also weapons. Among these concealing places is a marshy bag, and also if you have the key to it, it is absolutely worth going to.

The whereabouts of the swampy bag DMZ

You can make use of the trick to a boggy bag to unlock the sporting activities bag is located in a residential facility on the island of Asia.

This area is located in the northern component of the map in between the POI farms of the Anika and the power plant. In the property facility you will locate the pool of the bottom of which is a boggy bag. Dive into the water and also make use of the marshy bag to open up a sports bag and access to its components. You will discover a damaged note and also, possibly, some other useful things in a cache with prey. The domestic complex on the island of Asia is a vital area, since you need to see it for the mission missing out on 3rd degree of the Legion intrigue. Additionally, you can additionally rob apartments searching for great equipment. Stay with us in the professional guide guides to read more regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2. In the meanwhile, take a look at our post about all health centers in the demilitarized War zone 2 zone.


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