Get the Neomuna Thunderhead Armor in Destiny 2 | Lightfall Expansion

The Nightfall expansion of Destiny 2 is available for all the guardians to enjoy, and there is nothing that they want more than a new booty. These new articles include the new Nominal Thunderhead Armor, which was largely shown in Nightfall marketing. However, some players need clarifications on how to get this armor. So today, let's talk how to get the Nominal Thunderhead armor in Destiny 2.

How to get the Thunderhead armor in Destiny 2

Image source: Bungee through For the short and sweet response, to get the Thunderhead armor, it must increase its reputation range with the Nominal seller, Nimbus.


To increase its range, you must complete activities in Nominal, such as public events, lost sectors and patrols. To unlock the complete Thunderhead team, you must reach range 27 with Nimbus, who will have the last piece, the helmet, waiting for you. Currently, there is no other method to get the Armor team, which means that it must return to the basics and play many patrols while exploring Nominal. As each piece of armor unlocks, they will also be available to win with Nominal's engrams, which you want to increase your rank with Nimbus. In general, if you want the Thunderhead Armor, you will have to play many Nominal activities, but you will have to do it anyway to progress in the game.

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