Unlock the Legendary Destiny 2 Lightfall Campaign: Differences, Rewards, and How-To Guides

Destiny 2 Nightfall has finally arrived, bringing with it a lot of new weapons and armor so that players unlock them. However, to get the best of these rewards, there are some missions that you must complete. Here is everything you need to know about all the differences and rewards of the legendary Destiny 2 campaign and how to unlock it.

How to unlock the legendary Nightfall campaign

After the Opening Cinematic of Destiny 2 Nightfall ends, the user interface will offer the option of making the mission First contact in classical or legendary difficulty. Simply select the most difficult of the two to unlock it.

One thing to keep in mind is that Bungee is kind enough to allow players to choose if they want to do some missions in the classic and others in the legendary.


After completing each mission, players can choose which version of the next mission want to attack.

What are the differences between legendary and classic campaigns?

The main difference is that enemies hit much stronger and their health is amplified, your light level has a limit and there is no radar. There are also modifiers that do things a little more complicated. If players have others that bind to their fire team, there is also a multiplicity modifier that makes enemies also increase. While the classic campaign is the common campaign with an average difficulty, it should not surprise that the rewards of the legendary campaign are worth much more.

What are the rewards of the legendary campaign?

The legendary version of the Destiny 2 Nightfall campaign gives you one of the two exotic objects for each respective class at the end, in addition to granting the highest level teams. Exotic elements are especially a great incentive, since they cannot normally be obtained apart from obtaining them as a reward when completing the legendary/teachers lost sectors. Since these are higher level final activities, this is a kind of shortcut. In addition to that, each control/mission point gives the guardians a higher light team (at the end of the campaign, the guardians will have a complete game of blue armor 1770), which normally could not be achieved without a substantial routine together with other sweets of the end of the game. That is all you need to know about the legendary Nightfall campaign. If you are still looking for more help on the new expansion, such as the operation of the guardian ranges, be sure to consult all the related guides we have for you below.


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