Pokémon Go Hoenn-Tour: Trainers Struggle with Server Issues on Raids & Spawns

The big Horn excursion is running in Pokémon Go this weekend, yet server problems make the occasion hard for the gamers. We at Mango show you what happened.


Which event is it concerning? One of the highlights in Pokémon Go is this year's Horn scenic tour, which is presently taking area this weekend. However although the event is only energetic for a couple of hrs, trains need to fight with problems. We show you which these are and what we understand regarding it. You can locate out more about the present events in the Horn event in our online ticker.

issues with communicating with sectors

What issues are these? As some trains report on social media networks, troubles need to constantly take place in the game. Problems take place particularly when engaging with arenas, for instance to take part in the preferred Photo Raids. The Reddit individual Bally bomb_(using reddit.com) writes: Proto-raids can not be gone into in UK [Great Britain] on site. The screen freezes when you try to click something. To do this, he shares an image of his icy game. This is especially annoying, because for the very first time, Proto-Kyogre as well as Proto-Groudon worldwide can be defeated in special raids in order to secure the desired photo power. In the complying with post you will read what specifically the protomorphosis is all regarding:

Find an instructor: The video game is totally unplayable

With these issues, Bally bomb_is not the only one, due to the fact that other players additionally report that their game is sluggish, they are tossed out of raids or no much longer see generates. In some parts of the globe, the video game does not appear to be usable in the meantime. So you can review the following on Reddit: denbo786: The video game is very sluggish below in Ireland. Wubbalubbasupsup: Network problems additionally in Denmark. Louispitches97: Right Here in Italy the video game is entirely unplayable.

  • Broscacadash: No generates, here in Norway where I am. The previous hr contained spawn for my house, and now, in a café with greater than 3 Bakeshops around me, there are no... Raids do not work either, however Bakeshops as well as Arenas can be turned.
  • K-Swizz: The same in Saudi Arabia, where every person was tossed out in the center of a raid. In Germany, too, problems are said to occur once more as well as once more, as the customer Mg duck records (using reddit.com): Disruption in Germany. I believe if I can not communicate with fields, it was a mistake to play today. Why exist problems? Far, it has actually not yet been officially recognized why the game errors occur. Due to the amount of gamers that access the Ni antic servers at the same time since of the event, it can be presumed that they are overwhelmed and also for that reason the troubles take place. Nevertheless, it can not be stated at the moment whether as well as when they will certainly be fixed. You will absolutely find out regarding mango if there is information from Ni antic. Are you also impacted by web server problems in the game? As well as can for that reason not take component in the Raids? Or is whatever going optimally with you? Happily allow us know right here on Mango in the comments and exchange suggestions with various other trainers. Incidentally: Currently for the real-time occasion for the Horn scenic tour in Las Vega, there were substantial web server problems. A tweet of the developers finally caused a great deal of trouble among the trains. We discuss why.


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