Nintendo Direct: New Rumors Suggest A Date Long Before Expected By The Company

We are practically one day after arriving at the month of February, and that usually means only one thing in the world of video games, the celebration of a new Nintendo Direct, where the company's novelties are released. And of course, as we are already in that month, it was evident that the rumors of the official date for the presentation were to arise.

Through the Reddit forums, a user who would prefer to remain in anonymity communicated with the MODS team with evidence that a new direct is scheduled for February 7. Along with this, there are no plans for a new Switch successor this year, only Nintendo is talking to the component part. Beyond that, it is not mentioned that video games could appear, but zelda is expected: Tears of the Kingdom will be one of them, since today there has been practically anything of gameplay. Also, the Advance Wars remake can take reflectors, with a confirmed launch date after having delayed last year. It is worth mentioning that this information on the date should be taken with tweezers, since it does not come from a source that can be considered as highly trustworthy, so waiting for a confirmation by Nintendo would be the most sensible. Sometimes event revelations are made a day before, or it could be during this week.


Via: Reseter Editor's note: It is obvious that there will be a Nintendo Direct, it is something that has never fails for years, but the important thing will be to know if we will finally see some Zelda. If nothing comes out, this can smell delay. Although it could also have its own direct.


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