How to Open Canned Food in Sons of the Forest: A Guide to Survival

In Boys of the Forest, you must endure in any feasible way. Even if feline food does not appear appealing, it can save your life. Cat food can be found in numerous areas of the game. To open it, you will need to find a canned blade. It can be fairly hard to discover it if you do not recognize where to look, so we have actually produced a guide that will certainly help you open up as well as discover canned food for pet cats.

where to discover a canned blade in Sons of the Forest

  • Locating a location for a tin blade is very easy. After you appear, rise the river up until you find on your own on a frozen lake. Take note of the map on the image to identify the area.

Having actually reached him, you will see two snow sledges as well as 2 tents. Most likely to the red outdoor tents as well as you will find a canning blade existing on the floor. When leaving, do not neglect to take added resources from the flooring, consisting of a rope, tarpaulin, medication, cash and bottles of vodka.

how to open canned food in Children of the Forest

After you have a knife, open your supply. The opener will certainly be found in the lower left edge of the supply.


Click it with the right mouse switch as well as do the exact same with pet cat food. After you have chosen both elements, you will need to click on the equipment switch to integrate them. After the items are combined, the food for cats will open up in your stock, as well as you can consume it when needed. To read more about the boys of the woodland, check out the section Just how to correct Kelvin's stuck in Kid of the Forest in professional game guidelines.


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