Get the Sons of the Forest Zipline Gun and Travel between Rocks Easily

The Sons of the Forest Zip line Gun will certainly assist you go and take a trip between the rocks in the game. It is fairly simple to go down with a rope weapon if you are at the top of the mountain. Finding a rope weapon might not be simple, however that is why we are here. As quickly as you obtain a villas in Kids of the Forest, you can get to areas formerly unattainable with this device.

Place Sons of the Forest on Biplane

Get to the area, as shown on the map above. You will see this area in the western part of the map, marked as a cave. You will certainly see a cavern obstructed by wood boards when you find on your own on the place. Utilize the ax for these debris to go and also enter the cave.


how to obtain zip line gun

Before getting in, ensure you have food, flashlights for a flashlight. These products are necessary to look for villas in Boys of the Forest. You should walk deep into the forest to have a flashlight in the inventory. Right here you are approaching the helicopter accident site. Explore the remains to get a flashlight and batteries. For the sake of food, hunt pets in the forest with a spear. Provided that you have a flashlight in the stock, outfit it via the stock at the entrance to the cavern to better see the course. Go straight and also transform to the far west, where your path will be divided. Press through this slim flow, and also you will certainly see a number of remains on the ground as well as the awful sight of the beast that blocks your path. Select a couple of slow-off bombs from one of the corpses and also throw them into the beast, equipping it from the inventory. Run in the opposite direction to avoid a surge when you toss a slow-off bomb. Go along this new course as well as continue to go directly.

Story Handgun

Eventually, you will need to turn right, where you will certainly see a set of hanging employees' bodies as well as a drawing on a rock. This is a sign that you are relocating the ideal direction to discover the rope gun in the boys of the forest. Remain to go straight and go across a lot more hanging dead bodies. Ignore these bodies as well as remain to move forward; At some time, you should sit down to pass. Remain to go to the north instructions till you see a luminous flashlight. Kip down this direction and also remain to move forward, crossing a couple of hanging corpses. Now it will certainly be hard for you to breathe, yet do not worry; Absolutely nothing will happen to you. If you see that red light flashes on the flashlight, go to the supply as well as put new batteries. Hence, the flashlight will not pass away, and also you will certainly continue the look for a play weapon. Surge along the slope and turn west when you see weird black cliffs. Continue to go straight until the road is split right into 2 components. Take the eastern the route where you will certainly notice the water. Do not worry; You will certainly not drown; Continue to stroll on the water. When you go, you will see how the flashlight blinks on you. This verifies that you are relocating the right direction. Remain to go right, and also you will see a (remains) and a gun in a situation with cartridges. This weapon is a cord weapon that you have done this entire way to find in the Boy of the Forest. Take it with ammo, and also you can leave the location.


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