FIFA 23 Fans Outraged By Record Low TOTY Pack Weight

The Group of the Year (TONY) campaign is drawing to a close in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with the Future Stars promo now taking control of.

FUT players have taken to FIFA forums in their droves to complain about how the TONY pack weight is lower than ever prior to...

Each year, gamers conserve hundreds of packs for the TONY promo and like in all aspects of life, some get luckier than others.

However, this year seems somewhat various.

What are the chances of loading a TONY?

In basic, the odds of packing a Group of the Year card are the most affordable of basically any items launched during the Ultimate Team calendar.


Realistically, even these have a far less than 1% possibility, but EA does not reveal the precise portion.

Every single pack that can be purchased by means of the Store, including Ultimate Packs (which cost around ₤ 17/ EUR21 per pack) are noted with less than a 1% chance of holding a TONY item.

There are packs with a greater likelihood of consisting of a Group of the Year card, however, these can not be bought in the FUT Shop.

Pack weight whatsoever TIME LOW

Despite the FIFA community's knowledge of the odds of packing a TONY product, there's still optimism amongst gamers that they could see the blue animation turn up on their screens.

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Another user in the remarks' section said: I've opened 700 packs across yesterday and today... 0 Toys 0 Honorable References.

FUT fans around the world are experiencing exactly what Matt has actually discussed in the Tweet above. Hundreds of packs opened and nothing to show for it.

All in all, it's a sad story for players who spent large quantities of time and/or money on packs throughout this year's TONY project.

As MattFUTTrading states above, the other concern is that there are currently no repeatable SBS for gamers to put their high-rated fodder into even if they do load some.

Nevertheless, this year, EA appears to have decreased the pack weight considerably compared to FUT 22's TONY discount.

Players are not just discovering that they can't pack a TONY card but likewise that they can't load any good or perhaps high-rated items, despite opening numerous packs.



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