Episode 8 - Joel and Ellie's Journey Comes to a Tense Climax in The Last of Us | Fans Anticipate Brutal Game Scene

As The Last people draws closer to its season 1 ending, Joel's (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie's (Bella Ramsey) journey is getting back at tenser. From the episode 8 trailers, we understand both will be meeting a group of personalities extremely acquainted to gamers of the Naughty Pet game, leaving fans excited about one minute in certain.

When he understands that Ellie is in risk, an injured Joel attempts to locate her, locating David's guys as well as tormenting them in the game. Players are buzzing to see this aspect of Joel brought to life in the program, with some discussing exactly how crucial it is to reveal just how much he looks after Ellie.

Have a look at our The Last people release timetable to ensure you do not miss a moment. For more on the show, check out our deep dive right into the primary distinctions from the video game, one of the very early signs of the Codices infection you might have missed out on, and why Joel's clinical condition is much more canon than you recognize.


We'll be diving into video game looters from below on out, so if you're wishing to enter into the HBO program fresh, bookmark this web page for later on.

If you're still right here, you'll know that the following episode of The Last people is readied to present the Silver Lake cannibals. As Ellie frantically attempts to help Joel stay active, she locates herself in the course of sadistic leader David and also his guys.

Posting on Reddit (opens up in new tab), one created, I wish to see Joel go complete psycho next episode. I completely comprehend why they have actually reduced the physical violence in the adjustment, and also I'm on board with it, but if we do not see the full wrath of Joel next episode I will certainly be a bit let down. Ellie's conserved his life now, and it is necessary to reveal he does not provide a spunk concerning anything worldwide except her, prior to they reach the health center.

An additional pointed out that they wish they include it as the video games' Joel actor Troy Baker shows up in episode 8 as one of Davids guys. I hope that Troy Baker's character is the one he questions to learn where David is keeping Ellie, composed the Redditor. I wish to see some Joel-on-Joel Murder!

While a 3rd suggested: I'd say he'll go 'complete psycho' in the last episode more probable, and also you get a preference of the kind of brutality he can in this 1. In this upcoming episode, his activities will be justified, in the last episode possibly not so much.

Publishing on Reddit (opens in brand-new tab), one wrote, I desire to see Joel go full psycho next episode. I totally comprehend why they've toned down the violence in the adaptation, and also I'm on board with it, yet if we do not see the complete wrath of Joel following episode I will be a little disappointed. Another directed out that they hope they include it as the video games' Joel actor Troy Baker appears in episode 8 as one of Davids men.


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