Course and Jersey Color Predictions for the 57th Superbowl: Can Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs Decide the Winner Before the Kickoff?

He is eagerly awaited, the 57th Superbowl! In the night of February 12th to 13th, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs deal with each other in Arizona. Two insane data reveal that there might be a particularly early initial choice of the NFL final. If the coin tunnel takes place around 0:30 a.m., different betting providers are expanding.


The coin skill is not just a lot for millions of wagering individuals, the 2 groups should also be very thrilled. It is not a lot about the right to choose for or versus the ball. A curse seems to be on the coin talent in the current past.

The last eight Superbowl all went to the team, which won the coin talent. In order to deteriorate this curse, the groups need to avoid having the option, the video game with ownership of the ball or without starting.

white jerseys an advantage in the NFL history

If you put it very exaggerated, the coin talent could likewise bring an initial choice with it because two crazy statistics might be approximately mischief. Of the previous 56 Superbowl, a group won 36 times in white jerseys. That would be the Kansas City Chiefs this year that will complete in white. So if one believes the stats, it would look extremely great for the men around superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes with a lost coin tale. There is likewise a ray of hope for the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles. In the only Superbowl triumph of the franchise so far, as in 2017, as this year, a green jersey was used. The last group that won the Superbowl in colored jerseys were the Kansas City Chiefs of all people, who were able to beat the San Francisco 49ers worn white in 2019.


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