TheGREFG Hosts The Biggest Twitch Streamer Awards Show In Spanish: Millions Tune In To Watch

The Spanish Twitch streamer There has more than 11 million followers on the live-streaming platform and thus signs up with the top 10 on Twitch With its own variation of the streamer awards for Spain and Latin America, Veges showed how big the Spanish community is represented on Twitch. This kind of Twitch Oscars, in which the most effective streamers, beginners and Jerk highlights are acknowledged, attracted a lot of Twitch fans on website and was produced by time. The live occasion had over 1.7 million viewers on

Banner Awards are incredibly popular with Twitch.

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External content more about this in our data defense declaration. The event happened in Mexico and filled a big auditorium on website. These occasions reveal how many spectators have an interest in Streamer Award. The Spanish streamer awards may likewise have been influenced by similar events such as the streamer awards from Twitch streamer Cinderella, which currently put on an award reveal for banners last year. In the meantime, the banner awards from Cinderella examined 380,000 spectators on Twitch. As Cinderella has currently revealed, the occasion will happen once again in March 2023. The German banner awards were just recently held by revved.


In the German banner awards, over 36,000 participants voted what the very best Twitch Germany moments 2022 were (including the very best cringe moment, the best NPC minute and best pledge) and crowned the best newbie and the very best Twitch duo. In the meantime, the German occasion took a look at almost 40,000 people on Source | desert To home page Sebastian Glazer


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