Devolver Digital is organizing a Public Access Holiday Special livestream on December 22nd

Are you ready for an exciting and unique holiday experience? On December 22nd, Revolver Digital is hosting a Public Access Holiday Special livestream to give everyone access to something special. Tune in to see what Revolver Digital has in store and get ready for an unforgettable holiday season!

In the Livestream Public Gain Access To Vacation Special, Revolver Digital will be talked about on December 22nd from 7 p.m. New Aesthetics and Details for Cult of the Lamb, Stick It To The Stick man, Terra Nil, Anger Foot and Skate Story. Cult of the Lamb put a fantastic start this year and offered a million times within a week. After the short-lived Halloween event, designers might have huge beasts in the works. You may understand the developer studio Totally free Lives from Bro force. The team is currently working on Terra Nil, developing an urban scene with a concentrate on ecological remediation. The publication date could be announced in the stream.


Far, it has just been stated that a PC release for Q1 2023 is planned. You can expect something comparable for Skate Story. Sam closes the gamer into a strange skate simulation. As a satanic force in the underworld, an offer with the devil offers the chance of redemption. The task is: skate about the moon to devour it. 70 tricks have to be mastered, and souls need support throughout the journey. So you can anticipate additional information. If you desire, you can keep in mind the stream here on YouTube. Obviously, we will remind you of it once again before the start.


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