Why The Dead Space Remake Is Going To Be One Of The Best Horror Games Ever

After the success of the original Dead Space, fans of horror games have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up. Now, Motif Studios is finally delivering with their remake of the classic game - and it looks like it's going to be one of the best horror games ever! Read on to find out why this reimagining is sure to become a new classic.

It continues with the video specials with which the developers of the Concept Studio desire to sweeten the waiting time up until the release of the dead space remake in the coming month. As has been confirmed several times in the previous couple of weeks, in addition to a completely new graphic, enhancements to the gameplay and the way in which the story is informed. In the current episode of the video unique, it is guaranteed that the horror in the remake will be much more meaningful than held true in the original released in 2008. Thanks to new hardware and tools, the representation of the fog might be designed dynamically, for example, which, according to the developer, makes the atmosphere appearance even denser. We have more tools and tricks, so that we can use the original inspiration of Dead Area such as The Thing, Alien, Event Horizon and these kinds of movies and look for aspects in these films that have been either evaluated or in the initial based upon technological constraints Do not get or not even tried due to the fact that we couldn't. Now we can, said the developers.

The atmosphere is crucial

In my eyes, the atmosphere is the most important thing, included Art Director Mike Brazilian. So we wished to return to this scary. What is the creepiest in a horror film is the feeling of light, light and dark, the game in between both. If you play the game now, it's darker. When the player moves through the surroundings, the opponents move, you can see this game of light and darkness. The USG Chimera was likewise modified.


If the scene of Dead Area was divided into different areas in the original released in 2008, you will be provided an effortlessly meaningful card in the remake. Another innovation that has been gone over is the intensity director currently provided, with which permanent tension is to be made sure. For this function, the creative minds of the themes studios specified: He has soundtracks, animations and set off in the location. You will have a fan that starts. You will have a creak from the ship, you will have flickering lights, you will switch off lights, you will experience psychosis occasions. Simply whatever. Whatever that happens in the script can occur with the intensive director. Therefore, we manage to guarantee that the lines are blurred, and you are never ever really sure what remains in the script and what is not. Additional reports on the remake of Dead Area: Development completed-the remake reaches gold status Designers discuss the application of the plasma cutter Motif studios respond to the modifications to the story The remake for Dead Area will be released on January 27, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. By packing the video you accept the data security declaration from YouTube. Find out more Load video Always unlock YouTube Additional reports about Dead Area.


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