Warzone 2: DMZ Guide: How To Increase The Exfil Streak Series

The Season 1: Reloaded update made several changes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2, and one of them includes the Email Streak series in DMZ. Randomized privileges were added to this gaming mode, and you can get them in the match, moving in Email Streak. Here's how to quickly increase Email Streak in War zone 2 DMZ.

How to quickly go through Email Streak in War zone 2 DMZ

Email Streak can be checked on the main screen of the lobby in the War zone 2 DMZ. To increase and complete Email Streak, you must execute one contract in each match before calling the grinder. Just spawning and head to the point of an exfig for extraction will not work, since the strip will remain unchanged. There are 10 levels of Email Streak awards, each of which has one random bonus. To unlock each level, you must successfully get out of the map and repeat it in successive matches.


We recommend players to focus on the implementation of simpler contracts, such as save hostages and protect intelligence. The Rescue hostage contract is the best option to quickly earn all 10 levels of a series of exile, as it causes a helicopter of exiles as soon as the mission is completed. Check your tactical card for the presence of a hostage saving contract, visit a place and successfully save the hostage to fulfill the contract. After the start of the match, be sure to complete at least one contract to get the Email Streak award for the next penetration. Remember that evacuation from building 21 will also be taken into account in a series of exile. Although these perks are randomized, Email Streak is a serious change in War zone 2 DMZ. If you want to know how to save user settings of classes in War zone 2, read the section How to create and save user drawings in MW2 and War zone 2 in games for professionals.


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