Throne and Liberty Director's Preview announced

Gamers, get ready - NCS oft is gearing up to share an in-depth look into the world of its upcoming throne and liberty! The company is hosting a special preview next week, and has released a teaser trailer to give us a glimpse at what we can expect. Read on for more details about the event, and be sure to tune in!

For more on the game, head to throne and liberty.

The subtitled translation from the Korean deals, We provide the world we've been imagining. Delighting with life during the day, yet mysterious during the night. The images present throughout take us through spaces where we can probably imagine enormous fights, similar to what the group has actually previewed in the past for internal play test videos. Spaces where you can imagine the control and look and cover points. Still, there's a sweeping over the land, over, down, and through movement motif going on to this discussion, and throne and liberty is making an impression.

While the teaser itself is just a minute-long, it does offer a peek at the scale and scope of a few of what throne and liberty looks to be. Whether it's opening a door onto a huge, open landscape, with a coast and rocky hills set against a blue sky dotted with clouds, or a craggy field from which animals rise from the dark, even this brief teaser works to make you desire more.

In one week, well all get to see more, and perhaps find out some more about functions, or perhaps a more specific release window. NCS oft has actually been dripping out details about its next slate of brand-new video games for a bit, and this looks to be one of the most strong looks.

The complete directors preview will be out on December 27th, which all we understand at this moment about what to get out of that discussion. Still, outside a couple of tiny looks in the past, and those internal tests that NCS oft provided a take a look at a number of months earlier, there hasn't been much. More excitement than for the complete discussion to come out next Tuesday.


NCS oft is preparing to reveal more about its upcoming throne and liberty next week. The business has launched a teaser for the preview to whet hungers for the longer discussion.


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