PC Rooms: How Much Is It And What's Inside?


It's been a long time. How many years ago have you been to the PC room to stay up all night. In the early years of his life, he seemed to have played a game in a PC room with his friends like that. Is it exactly that the work of 'what to do all night' with someone has been reduced. In that sense, this black desert event was a bit amazing.

At first, I wondered, Is this right? At 8 am, it is possible to enter from 0 pm and live viewing event in the PC room. Since the first Ceylon banquet is held abroad, I thought that the live viewing event itself could be. In fact, it seems that I had a bit of myself until 11:40 at the night of arriving at the scene. The day is cold...

But when I arrived in front of the PC room, I felt different. As the old thoughts passed by, when I thought about it when I stayed up all night in a PC room, I looked back and looked back and got wet for a while. And honestly, when I found the event, the presentation would be in the morning, so I thought it would be quiet for the time being at the beginning of the event.

But it was San. Users who enjoy the black desert seemed to be thirsty for these offline events than they thought. It was a PC room that had already filled the seats nearly 140 seats before 12 o'clock before the official operation, but more than half of the seats were filled when it was about two o'clock in the morning. They talked to each other and enjoyed the Black Desert, sharing the field boss Regent information and playing happily. Later, I was able to hear that most of the invited users attended the events held in Susan and Seoul and filled the event. It also means that users wanted to play together.

It was noisy, but it was quite different from the atmosphere of the PC room I knew. Marine turned off and the sound of the sound of the word, the sound of the definition in the sky, the sound of the bullet and the grenades, and the whistle that announced the start of the game. Should I do it? It is a place where black desert users gather, so the atmosphere itself is noisy, but the PC room itself is not so noisy.

The invited creators or operating staff had a brief event with the users, carefully caring for the users late at night and maintaining the atmosphere. I enjoyed the black desert for a calm game, and there were some users who played a different game or watched the World Cup.

Some people fell down for a while because they couldn't overcome tiredness. Some people had heated discussions about other users and the current black desert, and some taught what they did not know. It was a PC room that looks quite a bit of affection.

At the beginning of this event, the atmosphere of the PC room was no longer a PC room. The users watched the announcement and news of their updates through their screen, and the entire event was one by one. The sound of looking forward to seeing a new character, the sound of enjoying the good rewards, and the smiling of a light joke were able to pierce the headphones that loudly raised the sound on the wording. It was no different from the atmosphere and appearance at the game venue.

A homogeneity gathered among people who play the same game in the same space. And I felt like I saw the same news and shared emotions with each other. Although it is not 100%feeling at offline events, the most important part was the atmosphere that users could feel. I spent all night, so I had a little tired mood, but I still enjoyed the update of the morning country early in the morning.

It was okay to introduce the morning country update in the morning. Although the body was tired, the introduced USA received a lot of acclaim, and for a long time, Kim Banshee, producer, introduced the game to the users for a pretty careful part. With abundant news and gifts, users think they had a satisfactory time.

Although it was not satisfactory at the game event, wouldn't users comment at least that they played well today? It was enough for gamers to play the most and fun. So, even if you are so small in the future, I would like to have a variety of events in the game company so that gamers can play well for a day.


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