Interview: Dark Eden Has Been Servicing For 20 Years in 20 Years

There are very few online games that have been steadily servicing for 20 years in 20 years. Games like Pontoon have not been able to endure the years, and they have not folded their journey, and they have given a place to the sequel. Nevertheless, Dark Eden, which built a worldview centered on three races, including the unique concept of horror MMORPG, and the unique horror atmosphere and vampires, overcame 20 years based on such unique charm. And now, 20 years later, we have expanded the worldview and world, prepared a new future, and unveiled the new region 'Dick Tutor'. Not only here, but also preparing for a new Dark Eden, he is dreaming of expanding.

■ New area update of the highest difficulty, 'Dick Tower'

Q. Since its launch in 2002, Dark Eden celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. I think I'm going to have a lot of service, but I want to listen to small times.

= I can't remember the history in 19 years, but I looked back on the development books and sauce, so I had a lot of twists and turns. As I continue to use the old engine, it is difficult to see the parts that I want to show quickly.

Even if there was a person, there was a slightly delayed response due to the engine problem. The president also posted it on the official website and mentioned this about classics, but he is willing to put Dark Eden in a new place.

It may be frustrating for users, but we may not be doing something slow. The new area, which is updated this time, started around May, but the resource production was fine, but it was not time-effective to put it in the engine.

So I'm sorry that it takes a long time to show each time. Starting next year, I will work hard to improve these processes, including manpower, so I will show a good look.

Q. I heard that this is a major update that various contents, including new fields, will be updated. Please introduce new areas.

If you look at the official homepage, Dark Eden has been the same world map for many years. And now you can keep filling the empty parts on the world map. Dark Eden gradually increased the area and tried to take measures for the need for users. And this update began at the time of discussing the empty part of the world map.

The new area that will be updated this time is 'Dick Tutor'. A drifting soldier found land during the left underwater exploration in Austria, and it was an ancient ruin that were discovered and discovered by the fog. It is a ruins' area, but now it is no one to reach. Although the three races have not been discovered for many years, they were found this time, and as the three races speculated that there would be the thirteenth Bible here and gathered together on the island.

As introduced, the objects of Dick Airfield are mainly based on ruins. It seems that it has been produced and influenced by referring to the medieval European temple design and the parts related to the gods. And the monsters that appear here are also produced in the form of ancient creatures, not humanoids. The field and the altar are included, which will include the Julian Dungeon to provide new adventures and fun to users.

Q. What new content will players meet in Dick Tutor to be updated?

You can see new types of boss monsters, intercessors and new items in the dungeon. And these items, unlike the existing items, are thinking about the options more new. I think of options that affect EVE hunting. In the EVE part, except for the second floor of the Camilla Labyrinth, the users were feeling bored.

So in this new area, we are trying to give a little tension so that we can hunt well. It is the most difficult area of the current content. I have a lot of concerns about the new options, and I'm in balance, so I ask for your understanding that it is difficult to answer what options will be entered and assigned.

Q. What kind of fun can users feel with this update?

The Dick Tutor update is like a bridgehead for further solving the worldview later. There will be a meaningful clue in it, and it is the starting point and necessary area to fill the world map. Newly developed content that users can enjoy will also be able to meet the mid-sized PVP content. It's not confirmed yet, but I think I can introduce it about the first half of next year.

Most PVP content, including the existing Bible, has some participation rate, but it cannot be said that large people enjoy. Therefore, the rules, new rewards, and restrictions on each race are being produced and produced. Although they are envisioned in a limited space, they are seeing the concepts that have elements obtained by time attacks, objects or rules. It's not yet confirmed, but you can think of this feeling.

Q. I think it's a big update, so I wonder if there are some events.

= The new boss monster has produced some production, but there are some parts that are not suitable for the concept and animation they want.

After announcing the new world opening, the last 20th anniversary event is being prepared. I am thinking about providing long and rich benefits as long as you have been waiting for a long time. The 20th Anniversary Pet will be paid as an attendance reward, and the options will be offered with good performance.

And now, users have a lot of stress on reinforcement, and long users have already finished strengthening, so they can be paid to other rewards. In order to reduce the stress of reinforcement, we will try to provide 100%strengthening of amplification, and once you can upload it at any section.

Instead, I would like to provide a good opportunity for everyone by taking action so that multi-account users can't do it. In addition, we will also try to connect the 20th anniversary attendance and premium missions. And we are also seeing a situation where users who return to the game do not settle down than they think. In that part, we are preparing for some support measures.

And users have demands for their old vampires and slayers. The original plan was to make some transformation, but there was a part that didn't fit the frame for battle. So, so that I can see the appearance, I register as an NPC in each village and put a congratulatory comment to create a festival.

In addition, the old monsters are also checking whether they can enter the old dungeons so that they can feel the old memories. If that doesn't work, it's a boss summoning stick, so it's a way to have fun raids, play, and drop rewards in it.

If possible, try to guide you like a tutorial. Now that I start the game at level 151, isn't it hard to feel the old emotion? In that area, I would like to make it possible to experience such a tutorial or dungeon or a dungeon. The overall reward is a bit adjusted, so it can be changed, so I ask for your understanding that it is difficult to introduce.

■ The future of Soft ton and Dark Eden IP Q. Even after this update, I would like to know how to lead Dark Eden and how to make future management/development for the IP of Dark Eden as well as Dark Eden Online.

= In the past, the representative had a lot of regret about the part that was not implemented technically, so the article I wrote on the homepage is the dream of Dark Eden. Inside the game, it's actually an uncomfortable system for users to be a vampire to be bitten by a vampire? Would you like to save that?

When I was vampire, it seemed to be 2D, so I was a little disappointed about those directors. The server or client now has a limit to that, so the new version of the Awakening Patch is the new version.


The things that changed as the appearance were so good and the old systems were very fun. I want to save that part.

There are also many other tasks. Now, new users and other MMORPGs have now felt that if you play Dark Eden, you may think that the UI and systems are too different. In order to make matters worse, there is a lack of early guidance itself, so there is also a way to support Dark Eden to compensate for that.

Since then, various things are attempted with mobile projects, and new users such as various systems, especially reinforcement, are complex enough to be accessible. The directing part is that you have a lot of things you want to do, so you need a lot of improvement to implement it. It is also working to move these things to a new engine little by little.

Q. Since new games are appearing, it is impossible to deny that games with classical charms are somewhat less competitive. The same is true for Dark Eden, and I can't ignore 20 years. From the standpoint of service, what do you think is the charm of classic games compared to new works?

= I think it's an IP. It seems that the material of the vampire is good in the worldview. Before, self


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