How to set your dragon in Wow Dragonflight

Dragon flocks came to World of Warcraft in different ways. The name of the addition allows players to get and saddle their own dragon, drake, snake or wyvern. Moreover, players can also unlock and configure their new scale friend for an ideal appearance. Nevertheless, like everything else in WOW, the ability to set up should be unlocked. Here's how you can deceive your dragon.

When can you set your dragon in World of Warcraft Dragon flight?

After learning riding on the dragon in the Submerging Coast, players will be sent to the Skype Observatory for further training on their new horse. Here, players will receive a quest Set of new horns. Players will talk with Glens her, who will open the first rostrum of transformation. Here, players can view various unlocked settings and apply them for free to their dragon.


Tribune of Location Transformation

  • Sky top Observatory, awakening shores
  • Limit of RUSTA, plain on theater
  • View of the foggy canyon, azure coast
  • Waldracken, Tarsus

The dragon settings open differently, but they all come from the Drake watcher manuscripts. When using these items will teach players of this specific transformation. These manuscripts can be obtained from side quests, reputation, craft, murder of rare creatures and underground passage. There have never been more reasons to invest in expansion than now, thanks to this aspect alone.

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