How To Get The RB Battles Icon In Tower Of Hell For The Third Season

Finally, the third season of Roblox Battles has begun! For those who are not familiar with Roblox Battles, this three-week event invites the best YouTubers/creators of Roblox to get together and fight for the prize of the RBB championship.

While the tournament is active, the players of the house can have fun by taking part in various mini-events and earned several exclusive badges and objects. Continue to read below to find out more about how to unlock one of these icons, the Tower of Hell Rb Battles Championship icon.

How to make money icon of the RB Battles championship in Tower of Hell

To unlock the RB Battles Championship in Tower of Hell, players must maneuver on the RBB tower, collecting three multicolored fragments along the way to build an RBB halo. As soon as the halo is completed and used to open the last door, the icon will be unlocked. To start this tower, look for the Battle Portal in the photo below. Having passed through this portal, you will get to the base of the RB Battles tower. To find all three parts of the RBB halo, players must explore all three different sections of the towers. The green section on one side, the blue section on the other hand and the purple section at the top. After you have formed a halo, having collected all three parts, the time has come to complete the rest of the OBI. To do this, look for a gray lattice staircase next to the purple halo and climb it. You will need to go through several more obstacles before you can reach the top. But do not worry-you will not lose your halo or any parts if you do not collect them before the expiration of time! At the top of the tower there should be a large door with multicolored precious stones. When you approach this door, it should automatically open thanks to your Boreal key! Now just go to the luminous white wall to unlock the RB Battles Championship icon. Congratulations, you deserve to pat on the back for being patient enough to earn it, that's for sure! Continue to explore the metavselnaya in search of the rest of the icons and regularly come here if you need help.


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