GTA V Ray Tracing Is Improved With The New Update

GTA V, the Rockstar Games supervenes, h received a new update on PS5 and Xbox Series X | barely appreciable; until now. And they demonstrate the first comparative videos, the visual improvement in this sense is, now, very notable, with all kinds of reflexes and brightness applied to different surfaces and materials.

Although all this requires a high price.

The improved ray tracing reaches Grand Theft Auto V

And we can observe in different videos shared by several users, the new Ray Tracing effect is noted much more than before, although this implies a price to pay. And this effect can only be activated through fidelity mode, which limits the performance of Grand Theft Auto V in new generation consoles to 30 frames per second, instead of the 60 frames per second standard.


However, it is not possible to play GTA V with 60 fps lightning layout, an inconvenience to pay if we want to enjoy this new improved ray layout effect.

Los Santos Drug Wars already available on GTA Online h just received his new great content update with the Saints Drug Wars, a series of episodes with his own history and missions that will put us fully in a world of drug trafficking and fight for bands for the control of the saints.

The first chapter of a new online GTA update that will make you open your mind with a group of newcomers led by DAX, a shadows that hopes to place everyone, get rich and reach the top of the criminal pyramid of the criminal pyramid southern San Andre. GTA V and GTA Online are available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s.


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