Genshin Impact: Players will receive essential gems after game wins category in the game Awards 2022

On Thursday night (8) took place The Game Awards 2022, an event that attracted the attention of the gamer community to check out the winners of the categories. Genshin Impact was among the victorious awards and had the appearance of a presentation video.


Hoovers's successful RPG has won the Voice of the Players category and as thanks you want to reward users within the game. Genshin Impact was present at the event among participants in the categories Voice of the Players, Best Mobile Game and Best Continuous Game. The game lost the last two to Marvel Snap and Final Fantasy XIV online, respectively.

But to celeate the victory, the RPG announced in its Twitter account that it will distribute 800 essential gems to players. From December 10 to 13, 800 essential gems will be sent as a gift, 200 per day. To redeem, the player must access the game's internal email system at 00:00 (server time) on designated days. Everyone has until the end of version 3.3 to redeem the items. The reward will come to those who have reached the 7 or higher adventure rank. Genshin Impact news on TGA 2022 doesn't stop, RPG also revealed a presentation video at the event. The production features most famous characters, including, the newcomer, wanderer, who starred in an epic battle and divided attention with Elan. When the audience thought it was the end, the video surprised by introducing Taobao, four stars that should arrive in East in version 3.4 in early 2023. A few hours later, the character was officially revealed next to al-Haytham, Swordsman five Stars that will accompany her in the character prayer banner. Check out the video below:


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