FIFA 23 Depay & Acuna World Cup Face-off SBCs Cheapest Solutions

There's plenty of World Cup content to get our teeth penetrated in FIFA 23 at the moment, with yet more special products set to hit packs quickly in the type of World Cup Phenoms.

Along with the approaching promo squad in Ultimate Team, EA has launched another World Cup-themed Face-off SBC.

Holland's Memphis Depay and Argentina's Marcos Lacuna are the players who have been selected ahead of their huge World Cup quarter-final tie on Friday evening.

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La Liga.

Top Type.

Expiration Date: Friday, 9 December.

Approximated Cost-109,700 coins.

You can utilize the following gamers to complete the WC Showdown Delay SBS:.

Start Date: Wednesday, 7 December.

When the SBC ends and the video game is played, the Showdown SBC cards receive upgrades based upon the result of the component.


Estimated Cost-68,450 coins.

Firstly, 2 cards are launched as Face-off SBS for a minimal time for an upcoming component, usually pitting two relatively similarly matched teams versus each other that have an intriguing or important fixture turning up.

La Liga.

Reward-1 x Two Rare Gold Gamers Pack.

Top Kind.

This is just one of numerous options that can be discovered by utilizing the easy SBC AI. To get your own solution, go try it out at

La Liga.

sbc requirements.

Reward-1 x Prime Mixed Players Load.

FIFA 23 Showdown SBS are a simple but clever principle, that relies on real-world footballing fixtures and results to determine upgrades to cards.

This is just among lots of solutions that can be discovered by utilizing the easy SBC AI. To get your own solution, go try it out at

You will require to send three teams to unlock the 86-rated card, with the requirements as follows:.

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Expiration Date: Friday, 9 December.

sbc requirements.

Both cards will get a +1 OR Upgrade if the component results in a draw.

  • Minimum one 86+ OR gamer.
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating.


  • Minimum one TOW gamer.
  • Minimum 84 Team Ranking.

  • Minimum one La Liga player.

  • Minimum one 85+ OR gamer.
  • Minimum 84 Team Rating.

You can use the following gamers to finish the WC Showdown Lacuna SBS:.

Lacuna Solutions.

  • Minimum one La Liga gamer.

  • Minimum one TOW gamer.

  • Minimum 82 Team Score.

Reward-1 x Little Gold Gamers Pack.


For the team that wins the component, the matching Face-off SBC card in-game will receive a +2 OR Upgrade, while the card from the team that lost the match will stay the exact same ranking.

Memphis Depay (OR 86).

Top Type.

FUT players can then bank on which team they believe will win the component by finishing the corresponding card's SBC in the hope of an additional upgrade.

Delay Solutions.

Marcos Lacuna (OR 86).

Start Date: Wednesday, 7 December.

  • Minimum one Argentina gamer.
  • Minimum one 85+ OR player.
  • Minimum 83 Squad Score.

Face-off Items Explained.

Reward-1 x Gold Load.

Reward-1 x Small Plectrum Gamers Load, 1 x 80+ World Cup 3 Players Load.

Check out what the set's unique cards look like in FUT 23 and how to unlock them below.

You will need to send 2 squads to open the 86-rated card, with the requirements as follows:.

La Liga.

Top Type.


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