Ether Gaser, a collapse-ARPG that you can't wait for in Korea

Action RPG, Ether Geyser, which Billy Billy is scheduled to service in Korea, conducted CBT from 13th to 19th. This work, which depicts the mobile action MORPH of what happens in the data world where human consciousness is uploaded against the end of the earth, ranked first in China and sixth in sales based on systematic development and brilliant action.

Mobile action Morphs, especially subculture-style types, have not been able to shine due to the powerful competition called 'collapse 3rd'. At the same time, 'Funny: Gray Raven' is a dark and dull tone that is contrasted with this, showing its unique cartoon rendering graphics and skill balls that have made it more likely to use the feeling of post-apocalips. . In the Chinese market, where various subculture games come out and live, the action MORPH sector is being pushed by them without sound rumors, or only in China, and the 'ether giver' who has achieved some achievements in China and now entered overseas. I checked whether it would survive between the two major mountains.

■ Differentiated action created by leader-assistance, not a three-person tag

In recent years, mobile action RPGs naturally come up with tag action. This is because most of the works adopted how to replace them with different characters as a means to overcome the limitations of the mobile manipulation environment. In addition to simply replacing, it was introduced in certain conditions, introducing ATE, a replacement or a special buff, and caught two rabbits.

The ether geyser, however, only one leader participates as a playable, and the other two characters appear in the mission as an AI that confronts the enemy near the player. It may be a bit puzzled considering that tag action is an axis of play in other action RPGs. Or AI may die alone and die, but surprisingly, AI fights well. In addition, there is a good place to make a bullet time that is commonly known for each cooldown, and when you are in a hurry, you sometimes spend time as a bullet time to clear the mission.

In addition to that, the key configuration shows the familiar figure of avoiding ordinary attacks, skills, and special moves like other mobile RPGs. In fact, the play is theoretically composed of the action RPG, which is theoretically extracting the deal by mixing the general attack and the skill, and then avoids the enemy's attack to make a bullet time, and then continue the extreme deal and deal with it.

The tag action is missing here, so it may be empty. Furthermore, the collapse 3rd can be compared to create hidden skills by adding not only the height on the actual virtual pad, but also the special input, and the furnishing is differentiated with a unique system called the skill ball chain system. The choice of ether gauge to respond to this was to carefully refine the linkage of 'skill'.

In fact, the skills of the ether giver are intuitively triggered by pressing the virtual pad, but to read the skill effect to produce 100% efficiency. For example, the truth-Tsukuyomi, which appeared as a limited pick-up, ends in one time when the third skill is activated, but it can be used up to three times when the enemy who granted the 'brain drama' using skill 2 and 1 skills Because there is. In particular, the third attack is the highest and the range of attacks is wide, so if you use it well, you may be able to get rid of the enemies.

In addition, Shadow-Kuninotoko Ta chi is a 'person' that is not an attack skill, but a skill that uses the same skill twice or used different skills in a row. It has a mechanism. In other words, according to the battle situation, a technique was needed to combine and activate the right skills. Brandi, which is basically paid as a standard, is initialized when the cooldown of skill 1 is initialized and anger gauge is cold, and the skills that are not used just before 1 or 3 are reinforced. Many combos have been divided according to the situation, such as 1-2-1-3-1.

In addition, he stacked the charging skills and markers, and then burst into the extreme deal, such as the fact that the skill mechanism of the recent complicated mobile-PC cross play action RPG was applied quickly from the beginning to study the mechanism of squeezing the skills of the skill.

The AI character organized on the team moves automatically, but when the special gauge gauges are filled, click on the character icon, and the user is able to use the special movement for the enemy or the user. In addition, it is a 'linked kill' that can activate special kills according to the character combination. Depending on what characters the user character sees, the rock-on function in the console game is also implemented in the console game as it is different.

It is also a characteristic of 'ether gauge' that the timing of mobs stronger than other games is possible as it is possible to support health and deal in the AI. Even when robots rebelled at the factory, it was just such a scarecrow. In addition, not only the composition of rushing from the equator is produced everywhere, but also the boss is routine to hit the back or side by teleportation.

Even some bosses have a one-sided attack while racing the map quickly, so it's tricky if the technique of holding a counterattack timing properly and putting the skill combo immediately at that time is not supported. Nevertheless, if you break the super armor, there is a 'Mode FIDE' mode that neutralizes the enemy.


■ Intuitive growth structure, complementary devices to reduce meaningless

Ether Geyser is also 'mobile' action 'RPG', so at first, he focuses on unique gameplay, and later focuses on growth. The stage clear itself is given a lot of time, so it can be broken with extreme controls, but it is difficult to clear the three-star. In addition, as the common homework is unlocked one by one, there is a need to raise the stats to break it quickly. In addition, the stats must be raised to feel the catharsis that kills the mobs in an action RPG unique room, so we have no choice but to point out this.

The growth structure of the ether giver is not very strange for a recent subculture collectible mobile RPG. This is because when the level is closed and the level is blocked, the material dungeon is collected to collect the growth materials, and when the level limit is reached, it is a composition that collects and breaks through the breakthrough.

The character level up and the weapon level up is basic, and unlike other action RPGs, the weapons are fixed, but instead, the 'funk', which is equipped with a weapon, gives special effects, and has three set effects and can be equipped with a total of six parts. 'You have to pay attention to a total of six things, such as skill level up, and a kind of stats board.

As there are many things to pay attention to growth, it can be a concern when and how to supply the ingredients. In particular, the collection game is often placed in the day-to-day style to delay users' play, so it may be even more difficult to think about it. In order to relieve that concern, all the ingredients dungeons were set as a regular opening, not a day dungeon, and entered into action, not tickets, so that they could set up a growth goods farming routine at any time.

As well as 'equipment' farming as well as growth goods, it may be difficult to wait because of the possibility of falling into a probability trap even if you squeeze the routine according to the situation. In fact, after some growth, the deceased did not repeat the farming to cut the useful options to the extreme. If you are a habitual endurance user, light users are tired and fall off when the repetitive farming continues. In other words, in addition to frustration with the probability of drawing, it means that you are tired of the imprinting dungeon to select five useful stamps.

In this regard, the ether geyser showed a significant trace of a pattern of light users. First, the five-star stamps can be obtained unconditionally within 10 times, and they were able to enter the dungeon by choosing the imprint of the desired kind. For example, if you want to farm the anger of Kalidon, an anger dealer, you can get anger of 100% Caledon except for the experience of the experience by selecting a dungeon in the selection window and entering the dungeon. In addition, you can obtain 5-star stamps in 10 times, and you can acquire 5 stars in it, reducing the difficulty of the farming.

Of course, the area may be overlapped, so the higher the probability of acquisition does not mean that the task is completely solved. However, the farming did not end completely in vain because it could be changed from the exchanger to the 5 stars of the desired area.

'Enchant', which can be given additional special effects while leveling up the imprint, is also open, which is also randomly opened. It is noticeable that it has prepared a supplementary measure so that it does not feel lost. Enchant can be done up to six times at once, of which


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