Diablo 2's 22 Days of Hell Event Is Coming Back

This time the event will last not 22 but 22 days. If you have been watching Diablo 2's Twitch channel then you know that a new Diablo 2 event has been announced, and it promises to be a good one.

Blizzard has actually revealed a brand-new event for Diablo 2: Reanimated and also published it directly. From December 13th to January 4, new zones will be strengthened every day and provide stronger loot. Gamers report really rare drops. What sort of event is that? Blizzard doesn't truly expose much about the 22 Nights in the new post. Only that from December 13th at 8:00 p.m. to January 4, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. German time, A new gameplay modifier will be available every day.


The event includes every game mode in Diablo 2, except the classic mode, which should continue to seem like Diablo 2. Which modifier there is every day, you can tell about the news of the day directly in the video game. The details about the horror nights remains sporadic. Some players already share their experiences with the occasion on Reddit and other channels and describe what it is actually everything about.

Season 2 is presently running in Diablo 2: Resurrected, in which immune opponents can be attacked for the very first time. The current part, Diablo 4, is currently in the starters:

22 Nights of Terror makes zones harder-even the cow level

What does the event bring? As players report in a larger thread on Reddit, at least the very first day of the occasion is that a certain zone is made one of the new terrorist zones that have actually been included since Patch 2.5. There are stronger opponents in a terrorist zone, however also better loot. In this case, the secret cow level is impacted, which is already considered a leading location for farming. The players discuss that they can discover excellent and incredibly numerous products here. Especially small spells with magicked and the brand-new Sundering Beauties, with which immunities can be overcome, have typically fallen. In addition, the zone even got a brand-new name particularly for this event. You can constantly find the currently terrified zone, likewise beyond the occasion at Horror Zone Tracker. Is there more in case? We do not yet understand whether the occasion will bring more content-but it probably sounds that scared locations are the main focus. Fear zones usually just last an hour, however during the scary night for a whole day. In basic, the occasion is well received by the gamers. It is simply a little change, however that's why you like to continue playing Diablo 2: more and more loot and the opportunity of getting one, one special item. With the occasion, many Diablo fans are presently passing the time, and they are certainly good preparation for the Diablo 4. Since you will undoubtedly have the ability to grind extensively there: Diablo 4 ought to take 180 hours for you to be at Max-Level at all


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