Banishers Ghosts of New Eden: this is the new AAA of Focus and Don't Nod, 1st trailer in 4

Banishes: Ghosts of New Eden is a game developed for the consoles and PCs with the help of AAA-level graphics, in which you will play as a ghost with the power to banish other ghosts.

For the moment, Banishes: Ghosts of New Eden stays fairly vague about its gameplay, considering that the video concentrates on cutscenes, however completion of the video makes it possible to see that we are going to play Red Mac Faith, supported by Ante who will have the ability to use his teleportation powers and others from the spectra world. DON'T NOD guarantees us a story with ethical choices that will impact the continuation of events, however likewise the fate of the characters. We can't wait to discover more. No release date has actually been interacted, nor the platforms at this phase.

Among the beautiful surprises of the Game Awards 2022, there were Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, a Franco-French production, the fruit of the collaboration in between Focus Entertainment (as a publisher) and Don't Nod at the controls of development. It is a third-person action video game that will take us on the side of New Eden, in 1695. We will follow the adventures of two characters reacting to the name of Ante Duarte and Red Mac Faith, 2 fans Who are likewise banishes. The latter have undoubtedly oath of chasing the spirits that torture the living.


Ante will be fatally injured as an outcome of a mission and will become one of these ghosts what dislikes so much. The couple will for that reason go to explore the haunted lands of The United States and Canada, searching for a way of complimentary ante from its dreadful condition.


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