Activision Blizzard President To Leave Company In 2023

The current president and commercial director of Activision Blizzard, Daniel Alert, will leave the company next year. The news has been confirmed by the United States Stock Exchange and Securities Commission, which reveals that Alert will leave the company when he ends his current contract, on March 31, 2023, to coincide with the closing of the fiscal year. We know that it will not be presented to the position for the next election, and the march is due to the fact that it will seek new opportunities out of activation, although it is not clear if it will continue within the industry.

Everything indicates that his future would not have to be related to video games, especially considering that Alert's journey in the North American company has not been too extensive, and his past is very different: he joined in March 2020 later a Previous position as president of retail sales and global purchases in Google, a company in which it accumulated more than 16 years of travel. He had previously been part of the directive in companies such as Bertelsmann (a media conglomerate) or the BMG Music record. At the time of writing this news it has not yet been announced who will occupy his position. The until now Coo of Activision has had to face several relevant facts in its few years in office.


First, last summer the California employment department filed a lawsuit against the company for discrimination and sexual harassment, in addition to a bro culture that prevails in its work environment and produced many outputs in the management of the company. It is the United States Stock Exchange and Securities Commission that is investigating these accusations since 2021, and it was proposed to issue an annual report updating the status of its work environment. The other front open at this time is the acquisition of activation by Microsoft, a purchase that would have been closed for 68.7 billion dollars and that for approval from the regulatory agencies is being found with more obstacles than perhaps they could expect, even more since the Federal Commerce Commission filed a lawsuit to block the agreement.


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