WOW: Dragon Flight: All rewards in the event Urstorms


In this guide to the Pre-Patch event Ur storms in WoW: Dragon Flight you will find out:

  • When the event starts
  • Where it takes place
  • What rewards await you

the pre-event burst towers in detail

As with every new expansion, World of Warcraft also gets a pre-event with Dragon Flight a few weeks in advance to get in the mood for the add-on. Since there were many changes this time, the developers divided the pre-patch into two phases. The first part contained the adjustments to the interface and the new talent trees (good). The second part, which went online on November 16, 2022, contains in addition to the new Refer class, as well as the event Store.

In the pre-event, elementary storms are moving across different areas that bring opponents, tasks and rewards. There are also two new dealers in the capitals Grammar and Storming. In addition, you can already play the introductory quest for Dragon Flight during the event. You also get this in the capitals.

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How does the event work?

While the primeval towers are moving across the country, four areas are attacked by elementals:

  • Trial
  • Fallow land
  • Crater from UN’Gore
  • Orland

The elementary belong to the four elements of wind, fire, water and earth and each attack one of the areas. As soon as the attack starts, normal elementary and an elementary prince appear. The prince is your goal, defeats him, the attack is over.

However, it is protected by a sign. This sign destroys her by defeating 100 normal elementals. As soon as you have knocked it away, you can attack the prince and his bodyguards.

What rewards do I get during the primeval towers?

The event currency primeval essence gets from the event opponents-but in different numbers. For example, normal opponents drop fewer essences than the elite versions or the elementary prince.

You can exchange the primeval essences with the two event dealers Stormwater William (Allianz) and Stormwater Shrank (Horde) for equipment and weapons:

  • 25 primeval essences each: necklace, rings, cloak, armor, arm rails, belts, single-handed weapons, shield handles
  • 35 primeval essences each: gloves
  • 45 primeval essences each: helmet, chest, pants, jewelry, two-handed weapon
  • 100 primeval essences each: bag full of angry winds
  • 5 prehistoric essences: storm-fed reagent pocket

You can also unlock the piece of jewelry unstable elementary combination. The highlight: The item is an heirloom, so it levels with your character. This is optimal, especially for twinks. You get the piece of jewelry by conquering the four different elementary prince and the following items remove them:

  • Clouded primeval soil
  • Clouded primeval fire
  • Clouded primeval storm
  • Clouded primeval water

As soon as you have all four objects, right-click on one of the items to create the elementary combination. Like any heirloom, the object is accounted and can be sent to your second characters.

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