Twitch: Chuso and his chat star in one of the clips of the year with a lead of Dark Souls

As the months progress, Twitch is getting more and more unique and varied content thanks to the great content creators who dominate the platform. Aaron, ARI, IAI and Iillojuan grow more and more to the point of being references in other fields such as show or fashion, while leaving incredible memories in the form of clips that we will all remember forever.

But this time we will not talk about superstars of the platform, but of one of the content creators who, in our opinion, always renew with content that we do not expect and that has too much fun: Cause Montero . The former video game periods and current No-Hitter of the Soul Saga has given us several incredible moments, such as the shit revenge or the shitpost in its purest form while playing League of Legends; But this time has not been as such, but his chat.

Why do we say that it has been your chat? Because it has been through that his community has played Dark Souls through commands that has caused one of the best clips of the year. Simply Mandingo.

Twitch plays with Dark Souls

We put yourself in a situation for you to understand the clip: Cause is making a trip through Dark Souls in which his chat will be in charge of winning all the chiefs of the game through commands. The unique He is, basically, take the doll to the boss and then leave the chat to make magic writing in his chat. This is not new on Twitch, since we have seen it numerous times with Pokémon, but very little with Dark Souls.


The commands include everything: avoiding, attacking, moving forward, drinking a bottle of Estes, etc... But There is a specific command that breaks with everything, called Mandingo. This command what causes are a gesture of the character that points to the front as a challenge. Of course, this message is the only one that you cannot abuse , since Cause knows his chat and knows that they would not stop using such movement. It is only possible to use it when no more movement is used, so it is very rare to see knowing that the chat does not stop spammer other messages.

The true enemy of Dark Souls: Mandingo

They have defeated many enemies along the way, but The real challenge came with Bernstein and Slough , the two great coconuts of the FROM SOFTWARE RPG that so much anger caused to the most newbies of the Souls saga. At first, it was quite difficult to advance something, since being the two of the Esquire and receiving damage is much more complex.

However, after several failed attempts, little by little they approached the first objective: kill Bernstein . It was here, when the Dragon Killer was missing an attack to die, when an enlightened chat decided to put Mandingo in the meantime command thinking that it was not going to happen. However, the message was captured by the bot and at the most critical moment, the character decided to turn around and point directly to us, causing the death of our friend and an unstoppable laughter attack by Cause.

Of course, these moments are extremely unique and we can say without fear that it is one of the clips of the year , since it unites everything good that can have a moment like this on Twitch. It is no longer just cause, its chat is also an odyssey of memes, shitpost and love that perfectly reflects the being of light that is the streamer.


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