The Nintendo podcast # 207: In the future only electronic games?

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  1. 1 summary: You hear that in the brand-new episode!
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Summary: You hear that in the new episode!

Today's episode of the Nintendo Podcast is offered to you by Pokémon: Parmesan & Purpura, the new Pokémon generation, which appears on November 18, 2022 for Nintendo Switch-with an entirely open and also freely explored video game globe! You can discover more details concerning the game at | / podcast-karmesinpurpur .

Will there be only electronic video game as well as say goodbye to physical games? We go to the base of this question as a result of EAS present statements on data service providers and also the simply electronic variant. Publishes Nintendo at some factor only digital games? And will Call of Responsibility quickly be among them, as the Xbox employer Phil Spencer showed?

hear the new episode right below!

08:15 - Defunct of physical video games.

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02: 35 - Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura (advertising and marketing).

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all subjects of the 207th follow-time-time codes.

36: 15 - Phone Call of Duty on the Change?

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49: 30 - Neighborhood.


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Here you will find a clear online list with all expert pointers as well as suggestions from the switch shop that Lukas, Johannes, Kathy or guests presented in an episode. In an additional table you will discover the neighborhood degrees from Super Mario Manufacturer 2, which you submitted and which we played and discovered it well.

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all details about the Nintendo podcast.

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47: 45 - our various other podcasts.

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