Sylvester Stallone reveals which Marvel character would interpret and why would never be Terminator

Although Sylvester Stallone is already part of the UCM with its cameo in Guardians of the Vol. Recently what character would like to have really been in the Marvel movies , beyond suggesting that he will return again in the third part of the Guardians next year. This is collected by The Hollywood Reporter after talking to the actor about his career: pt, present and future.

Stallone discovers his preferences in Marvel

Thus, when Stallone w ked about the occion when he almost stayed with the role of the Superman of Richard Donner -and that he finally fell into the hands of Christopher Reeve-, he talked about which comic character would like to be in the cinema that you have not yet d1. Specifically, What UCM character would be your choice? Stallone is clear:

I don't look like any comic character. I couldn't even have represent Terminator . No one would make a robot with crooked mouth and the voice that sounds like a coffin carrier. It simply does not work . But yes. Who w the guy who ended up interpreting Sam Jackson? Yes. I thought that could have done something like that , where I am not the protagonist, says Stallone in reference to the character of Nick Fury played in the UCM by Samuel L. Jackson.

From these statements we can also extract a curiosity about a film character iconic Terminator , the terrifying murderous robot of Arnold Schwarzenegger , ensuring that he could never have played this character for some of his characteristics. Although to tell the truth, Terminator is not that he needs much interpretation beyond an imposing physical , something that Stallone h always done.


Recall that Sylvester Stallone h already played other comic characters such Judge Dread or the most recent Samaritan .


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