Pokémon Go: How to find and capture Zorua and Zoroark

ZORUA Pokémon Go's Halloween event is about to say goodbye until next year, but you are still in time to continue taking advantage of all its bonuses and a great surprise that has left us, as has been the appearance of Zora and Forward in the game, so we are going to explain in the next guide how to get them.

How to find and capture Zora and Forward

These two Pokémon of the fifth generation have not been available so far and the method of capturing them is somewhat different from that of the rest of normal Pokémon. The reason is that Zora makes use of illusion ability , which allows him to adopt the appearance of other Pokémon, as with Ditto for example, which means that you will not see it normally in a wild state.

However, there is a very simple method to find it. Unlike Ditto, which can change its appearance for that of a multitude of Pokémon, Zora only will become the Pokémon you have assigned as a partner . Therefore, this assumes that if you have a Harvard, and suddenly you get a wild Harvard, it is possible that once you capture it is becomes a Zora.

Therefore, your thing is that you assign yourself a Pokémon partner that is very rare or unusual so that it is easier to find Zora, especially now in the Halloween event that appears more frequently than normal, although yours It is still leaving from now on. As for Forward, simply you will need 50 caramels Zora to get the evolution of Zora.


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