Iem Rio Major: Furia Bate Ence and Team Spirit and is a playoff victory

Curia is a victory for IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs, the first CS: GO of history made in azil. This Saturday (5), the team of Art, Esperanto, Yuri, Drop and Safe had a perfect day in Legends Stage and won Once and Team Spirit, and is now a triumph to advance to Champions Stage passing unbeaten by the main key Major of Rio.

COMEBACK!! In the duel against ONCE, the panthers had a quiet game on the Vertigo map and won by 16 to 5. Already in the confrontation against Spirit, the azilians were losing 11 to 2 on the Mirage map, but were with oad support from the fans They sought the turn in regular time, entitled to an impressive 13 to 2 as CT after the exchange of sides, and settled for 16 to 13.

With the result, Curia returns to the server this Sunday (6), at 17h00 asília time, against Big, the only team defeated the panthers at IEM Rio Major so far. The duel between the teams took place in the 1st round of Challengers Stage, and Big overcame the Curia 19 to 16 on the Vertigo map. Now the panthers will have the chance of rematch and winning the place in playoffs passing unbeaten in the Legends Stage.

Curia 16 x 6 ENCE-MAPA Vertigo

In the duel against ONCE, the fury did not learn of European rivals. The azilian team had an excellent start on the TR side and opened 5-1 at the beginning of the game, but ENE reacted following and sought the draw 5-5. From the 11th round, the panthers resumed the full control of the game, and They closed the first half at 10 to 5. After the sides change, the Curia had great performances by Yuri and Esperanto, gave only 1 point at ONCE and finished the game in 16 to 6.

Curia 16 x 13 Team Spirit-Mapa Mirage

The duel between Curia and Team Spirit, played on the Mirage Map, was marked by the overwhelming start of the Russian team, which dominated azilians in much of the first half and opened 11 to 2. Before the sides exchange, the panthers reduced the damage, and They went to the second half losing 11 to 4.

With enormous support from the azilian fans, Curia took full control of the game when he moved to the CT side. The azilian team made 4 consecutive rounds and reduced the disadvantage to 11 to 8, but Spirit temporarily aked the reaction of the panthers and opened 13 to 8. From the 22nd round, Curia resumed the domain of the match, with great performances From Esperanto and Drop, he won 8 consecutive rounds and sacred the Vitality victory 16-8.


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