Genshin Impact: 7 things not to do in the HoyOversse game

Genshin Impact already has a series of unlocked regions and more than 60 playable characters. The story of the game is already well advanced, but the Hoovers RPG continues to attract new players who want to start on the right foot in East to evolve level and update themselves in history faster.

It is essential to be aware of how to choose the best weapons, the strongest characters and team compositions. Even guides for beginners and tips on how to play well. But users must keep in mind certain things they should never do so that the results do not disturb their game plays.

do not fire in banners randomly

Character and weapon banners reach each update, introducing heroes or granting them returns. Players have a chance to get them from the Geisha system when they swap their destinations for getting characters and weapons on banners. As the player advances in Gen shin, collecting yolks to buy destinations becomes increasingly difficult, so it is not advisable to spend fire on banners randomly. The user must analyze whether that character or weapon will be effective for his current team composition.

Everyone wants a five-star item, but the probability is lower and the chances of receiving four stars are higher. Another efficient point is to calculate the chances of obtaining a maximum rarity level not to waste fire.

Do not evolve artifacts that do not have the attributes you need

Artifacts are important items to compose the character's build, granting a bonus, in life, elemental recharge, attack and more. Each hero demands for a type or combinations of specific artifacts and attributes. Each set of sets is composes by a main attribute, with four substitutes, with the rise the artifact acquires more strength and new secondary attributes, but as these are random, it may be that one that is not advantageous to the character in question. At this point, the player needs to know that it is not worth investing more.

From the 40 adventure rank, rarer artifacts are found more easily. Therefore, another option may be to wait until the 40 shake the items.

do not spend resources unnecessarily

Like gems, the other features of the game are more difficult to accumulate throughout exploration. This is why it is essential to use them wisely, whether weapon evolution items or for recipes, the user cannot afford to waste them.

One feature that always warns players not to spend unnecessarily is resin. The energy feature is used to claim rewards in exclusive challenges and events. One advantage is that it regenerates to the limit of 160 resins. But still using it in moderation is important not to be without any when you need to redeem a valuable item. As the adventure evolves, more challenges that use resins will emerge.


Don't evolve characters you don't need

Genshin Impact has 60 characters, and it is tempting to collect all, but even though heroes are one more charismatic than the other, keeping the focus is indispensable. As the Geisha system is the format used to earn characters, with some free exceptions, it is common for players to receive characters who were not in their plans previously. But it is not because it has to evolve it, this issue hits not spending resources for unnecessary reasons, so it is valid to evaluate if the character fits the composition of team, whether mechanics pleases him or if it is really effective.

don't miss the weekly chiefs

East's map is full of enemies scattered throughout the regions, some with easily identified locations and others that the traveler needs to look for, but the best when defeating them, besides the experience points, is the resources that enemies drop. Rare artifacts, items and materials are found only fighting weekly heads, such as wolf Andrews and Fate Natalia. However, it is only possible to face them once a week, so the player cannot forget the confrontation and lose rewards for the following week.

don't ignore battle pass missions

The battle pass is unlocking in the adventure rank 20, with him the player can do more missions to acquire rewards. In total there are 50 levels per month, all with prizes. Having the discipline to complete them is not simple, because they require a certain time of dedication, but it is worth collecting the benefits, even if they are simpler, such as lives, refinement stones and more.

Do not ignore the requests for missions

Genshin Impact has many missions, daily, battle, arcane and more, a list that never seems to end. To top it off, when the player is exploring the world, it may see an exclamation point marking on the map, this is indicative that a mission request is being made. It is possible to ignore it and redeem it later, but the rewards are important resources, which are worth interrupting a few seconds of exploration to follow the marking and accept the mission.


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