GameConnection Europe Korea Joint Hall, 7 game companies have 93 B2B consultation

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Corn Pinion) operated the Korean Joint Hall at the International Game B2B event 'GameConography Europe 2022 (ICE 2022)' held in Paris, France from November 3rd to 4th.

Reconnection Europe is an international game B2B event with more than 1,500 developers and publishers. Condition opened the Korean Community Center for the first time this year to announce the competitiveness of domestic games in Korea and to expand its market to global.

20 Participating companies include ▲ Visual Light (Daemon) ▲ Soul Games (Gyeonggi) ▲ Skywalk (Gyeonggi) ▲ Study of Egg (Gyeonggi) ▲ Wide Brain (Jenna) ▲ Weaver Active (Chung) buy. Among them, Visual Light, Weaver Active, and Flying stone are companies in Daemon, Chung, and Daegu Global Game Center, respectively.

At the Korea Joint Hall, we held a biz matching consultation, a networking party, and a local expert lecture. Participants presented various platform games such as mobile, PC, consoles, and VR to overseas officials, and ▲ Ebola, 505 Games, and Society Etcetera participated in consultation. As a result, 93 business consultations were held at this event.

On the 2nd day before the exhibition, a local expert lecture was held for participants. Spanish game company Mel bot Studio, CEO of White Rose, shared the European game market trends and provided local information to the participants. In addition, individual booths and local interpretations were supported for exhibition operation and export consultation.

In addition, Condition held a conference on the theme of 'Korea and France's regional games and e-sports industry promotion policies' in cooperation with the Korean Embassy in the Korean Embassy, the Cornering One European Business Center, and the Paris 15 ward office.

Meanwhile, Condition has operated a global game center in 11 regions since 2015, and has provided local game companies with game development, resident space support, talent development, and export support.

Lee Helen, director of the Contents Promotion Team of Condition, said, The strength of local game companies is diversity.


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