Explanation of all the characteristics of the weapon Darktide - Warhammer 40k

Most of the weapons in Dark tide have various characteristics that indicate certain aspects of long-distance and near-combat weapons. The characteristics indicated on the weapons are confusing, and most players do not understand what they mean or represent. Fortunately, the lead below will explain all the characteristics of the weapon in Dark tide and what they represent on weapons.

What does every characteristic of Dark tide weapons mean?

In general, the characteristics of the weapon are quite confused, since there is no description of what the characteristics in the beta version of the preliminary order Dark tide. Worse, the characteristics of the weapon are displayed only in the form of columns, which does not help to explain what the characteristics mean. Despite this, the characteristics of the weapon are much easier than it seems, and this is just your ordinary statistics for various bonuses to weapons, although hidden. Nevertheless, there are currently 14 different characteristics of the weapon in Dark tide, and they appear both on the weapons of the neighbor and long-range battle. This is what all the characteristics of the weapon in Dark tide mean:

  • Sophistication: The characteristics of the Finesse weapon in Dark tide show how many shots in the head or weaknesses/critical damage are caused by weapons. You can find the statistics of Finesse, usually on near-battle weapons and various long-range weapons.
  • The stopping force: the characteristic of the weapon Stopping Power shows how many enemies will be affected by the weapon when it hit. The Stopping Power indicator is common among long-range weapons, such as shotguns or car fans, and also adds additional breakdown of armor.
  • Endurance: the endurance indicator displayed on the near-battle weapons indicates the endurance bonus provided by the weapon.
  • The radius of the explosion: This indicator increases the scope of the abilities and attacks of Player.
  • Charger rat: this characteristic increases the reloading rate of full staff.
  • Suppress the speed: this characteristic determines the ability of Player to suppress the dangers of the warp faster.
  • Damage: damage is a simple characteristic of weapons in Dark tide, which means what common damage causes weapons. You can find this characteristic on any weapon, and its influence on the weapon seems minimal.
  • Diserfielding damage: the characteristic of the weapon dissecting damage is very similar to the characterization of dissecting goals, since both of them affect how many enemies you cause damage and hit a wide wave of weapons. In the case of characterizing the weapon, dissecting damage this means how much damage is applied to enemies after the first enemy receives a blow. It is also assumed that this characteristic reduces the drop in damage when attacking several enemies.
  • Penetration: if you are interested in what means an indicator of weapons breaking into Dark tide, it's simple. In short, the puncture indicator shows what kind of damage the weapon can cause armored enemies.
  • Mobility: mobility is another simple characteristic of weapons, since it refers to the bonuses obtained in the persecution and the usual movement of weapons. Mobility also increases your running speed, as well as your speed when aiming and shooting. Mobility also affects the spread of weapons when you move.
  • Protection: The statistics of the weapon Protection apparently indicates how much endurance is used when you block with a weapon. It is also assumed that this can be a fixed decline in damage.
  • Gestation of deformation: although this is not confirmed, the resistance of the warp is considered a sign of a decrease in the dangers created when using the Player's staff or the abilities of the brain destroyer.
  • The first goal: the first target characteristic of the weapon shows how much damage is applied to the first enemy you attack.
  • Support: The concomitant weapon parameter indicates strong suppression and stunning of your weapon in Dark tide. Additional characteristics of the weapon can be displayed both for near-battle weapons and for long-range weapons.
  • Holding the crowd: the ability to control the crowd controls your ability to stun enemies with the help of a shield weapon.

  • Ammunition: ammunition statistics show how much ammunition your weapons have and the general supply of ammunition of your weapons have.

  • Stability: the stability parameter reduces the return of various long-range weapons in Dark tide. Stability will also increase the control of players over long-range weapons.


  • Clear the goals: the Cleave Targets Weapon Stat parameter in Dark tide shows how many enemies can hit the weapon at the same time when it passes along the screen. Cleave Targets statistics are usually displayed on close combat weapons in Dark tide.

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