The open world OutCast 2 -A New Beginning aims to be a non -RPG, which is different from the previous open world. THQ NORDIC developer interview

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 was held from September 15 to 18 last month. In the exhibition booth of the Publisher THQ Nordic, which has acquired many old IPs and worked on sequel and remake, and claims to be Necromancer, Outcast 2-A New Beginning (hereinafter, OutCast2) attracted a lot of attention. This work, which is the first sequel to Outcast, a pioneer in 3D Open World Action Adventure, is expected to be greatly expected from fans around Europe. This work is being developed by the first generation of developers, but this time, the producer Andreas Schmo Decker received a presentation of this work and had the opportunity to ask some questions. In this article, the full text of the interview is delivered below.

Open World Game where you can feel the connection with the world **

— First, please introduce yourself.

Schmieder: It is Andreas Schmieder, the associate producer of THQ NORDIC. He is currently participating in two projects, Alone in the Dark and Outcast2, and is in charge of producer in Outcast2.

— First, can you tell us about the game Outcast2?

Schmieder: Outcast2 is a formal sequel to the game Outcast released in 1999. Although it may not be well known in Japan, Outcast is a game called Original Open World Action Adventure and is a very popular masterpiece mainly in Europe. THQ Nordic is a company known for acquiring old IPs and working on remakes and sequels, but OutCast2 is a particularly hot project. The developers of the previous work 20 years ago also participated in this project.

In Outcast2, the player operates the protagonist, Cutter Slave, who was transferred to the planet Alpha. Adela is a beautiful planet full of abundant nature, and the native Tarzan tribe is built and runs a society. OutCast2 is the first sequel to Outcast in 20 years, but in the game it is a world 20 years after Outcast.

The planet, Adela, is a bright and bright planet similar to the earth. OutCast2 aims to fully explore this beautiful world. There are many dark fantasy and hard science fiction games with a rather dark atmosphere in a similar genre. OutCast2 is a different, open and open-world open world.

There are traces of lives in the Tarzan tribe, temples, and civilization everywhere on the planet. There is a religion on the base of the Tarzan life. Their religion has four essence corresponding to attributes such as flames and water, and lives in accordance with the essence of being assigned. They are part of the huge ecosystem called Planet Adela, and as the game progresses, they can reveal their involvement. And, of course, in addition to the Tarzan tribe, a wide variety of creatures such as birds, sheep-like animals, and huge worms in Adela live.

The big concept of OutCast2 as an open world game is world connection. The Tarzan, various plants, the environment of Adela, and the protagonist are connected as a whole ecosystem. I made a game that I can experience it. In the open world game, there are quests in various parts of the map, and each quest is basically an independent story and goal, and it is the mainstream that digests it in order. We wanted to take a slightly different approach. In OutCast2, all the actions taken by the player are connected through the planet Adela.

Here's an example of what it is. One of the tasks undertaking from the Tarzan villagers is to hatch animal eggs. This hatched animal can fly and can be used as a means of transportation if it is raised large. When you open the map, you will see what you need to grow this animal. There are various factors in breeding, but the most important thing is food. There are various ways to secure this food, so you can grow and feed plants, but to continue preparing this, use another animal to bring water. You need to come. The raised animals can be used for transportation, which is also a lead to other quests and purposes. You can also call this animal for battle, and you will attack like a bombing from the sky. The attack and density of this attack depends on how this animal has been raised and how well it has been raised. In this way, each quest and purpose leads to all gameplay and the whole world. Instead of digesting the listing list in order, the players can realize that they are part of one of the major ecosystems, Adela. So there is no particular concept such as the main quest or side quest.

As an enemy that clearly exists in the work, there is a hostile robot civilization. This robot civilization has the impression of the environment of Adela and the world of the Tarzan civilization, but why they exist and what their purpose is one of the important concepts of the scenario, and the game. It will be found as you proceed. There are many Tarzan living bases and villages in Adela, but the robots have refused their connection. One of the purposes of the player is to regain this connection and rebuild Adela's ecosystem.

Let's talk about the battle. The protagonist has a number of special abilities for combat. It has a variety of effects, such as restricting the enemy's behavior by manipulating gravity, a large amount of insects, and requesting support from the sky. These can basically be rewarded through interaction with the Tarzan tribe. And, as I said earlier, the quality of these abilities fluctuates how well the cooperation with the Tarzan tribe has done well, depending on the performance of the player. Your fighting ability also depends on how close you are to Adela.

Another gun that appears in the game has a slot that puts a module. There are four small guns and six slots for large guns, which can greatly change the nature of the gun. For example, you can load a shotgun a homing bullet. Combining the special abilities introduced earlier with the remodeling elements of this gun, and the various ways of moving using jetpacks, you can enjoy a very three-dimensional and flexible battle. Compared to the slow pace battle of the previous work Outcast, this work also emphasizes the tempo.

Finally, the story is basically easy to understand if you can associate a little bright science fiction work from the 1980s and 90s. It is not a common dystopia feel, but it is a work that goes in a bright and positive atmosphere from beginning to end. By the way, there are many eager fans in Europe, such as France, Germany, and Spain, in the previous work Outcast, and they make a Tarzan vocabulary dictionary in the work. This time, we have been contacted by such many years of fans and welcomed the team to verify whether the story of Outcast2 is strange and that it is in line with the previous work. Fans remember the details that even developers who have forgotten 20 years ago.

OutCast2 is a project that has been running for nearly six years, but is currently approaching the development of the beta. The release date is undecided, but I hope we can deliver it to everyone as soon as possible. Please look forward to it.

Bright open world science fiction work that makes you want to explore the world unintentionally

-I heard that Outcast was originally planned for PS2. Why was it canceled, and why did it come back again?

Schmieder: The first OUTCAST was a game that had a great response, and there were projects to create a sequel in the PS2 era. OUTCAST was a PC-only title. However, the publisher has bankrupt and cannot continue to develop. Unfortunately, it's a common story. However, the desire to make a sequel to Outcast remains in the staff at the time, which led to this project. The materials used at that time have been recovered and are used in the development of this work. The staff, the art director at the time, is also involved in this work. When I contacted me to make OUTCAST2, I was willing to participate with the materials at the time. It's a game that was loved and missed.

-What parts of the previous work Outcast are inherited and what parts have changed?

Schmieder: The biggest feature of Outcast, and the most clear fans are the fun of searching. The big concept is to explore every corner of the beautiful planet Adela in OUTCAST2. The protagonist is part of the world, not intruders or foreign substances, and are welcomed. I make it so that it can be felt. The bright atmosphere through the works that I mentioned several times as a feature was inherited from the previous work OUTCAST.

What changed is purely technical. Because it is the latest game, it is different from the game 20 years ago. The perfection of the open world is completely different. And the one ecosystem called Adela, which was often introduced as a concept, is also unique to this work. We pride this as a pure open world game, a unique element.

-I think there are various types and genres even if it is an open world game, but what kind of open world is OutCast2?

Schmieder: The important thing is that OutCast2 is not RPG. There are skill learning, but there are not many RPG-like elements like raising levels. The main thing is to explore the world and follow the scenarios in various places, but it's a bit different from a game like Skyrim.

-I don't think OUTCAST is a famous title in Japan, but what kind of game would you like to explain Outcast2 to Japanese gamers who don't know the series as a famous title?

Schmieder: The feeling of playing in the battle may resemble the work of Platinum Games. The part that uses the environment for battle is also like a monster hunter. Is the Just Cause series close as an open world game? For those who like these titles, those who like exploration, those who like bright science fiction works such as doors to summer, and those who like the European atmosphere, especially for games. I think it is.

―― Please tell me your favorite game.

Schmieder: I like FPS, so I like the Half-Life series. However, I am more focusing on visual design and art style than game play, so the art style and monster design of Dark Souls are very impressive, and it is one of my favorite games.

--Thank you for today.

OutCast2 is being developed for PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The release date is undecided and will be supported for Japanese subtitles and audio.


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