The Callisto Protocol se burla de Gotham Knights y A Plague Tale: Requiem

In Striking Distance Studios They are not afraid of anything . How to do it if they are developing the terrifying The Callisto Protocol? But when we say anything is anything... not even any1. The study h published a message on its social networks in which a ia plant ( a Guantanamo with an open hand of those of a lifetime) to Gotham Knights and plague tale: Requiem, who simply psed by.

In the message, the team denies the rumors of recent days about its delay to the month of February, confirms that they will leave December 2, 2022 and drop, thus, free, that The Callisto Protocol will have A performance mode with 60 images per second . A veiled allusion to two of the great relees of these weeks, Gotham Knights and plague tale: Requiem, which have been seen hard criticized for their performance .

The Especially bleeding h been the ce of Gotham Knights, ruled out its Old Gen versions (that is, for PS4 and Xbox One) to squeeze the new generation of consoles . The result of your targeting? 30 MISSORTS FPS ON PS5 AND XBOX SERIES X | s. For not having, the game will not have a 4 output cooperative. And no matter how much Warner Bros. h tried to explain, we don't understand it.

We will see if The Callisto Protocol really fulfills what is promised and does not suffer from the same ailments. In your ce it will be available on all platforms and sensational painting, although it is better. These days we have had access to his great rival, Dead Space Remake, and the first impressions suggest that he will be the first game of 2023. Striking Distance Studios will have to put all the meat on the grill to live up to it.


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