Guide for events Tears of Themis. Childhood dreams

Hoyland theme park for the first time opens in Tells City, providing lawyers with the opportunity to win valuable prizes. The action Dreams of Childhood will be held from on October 11, 2022 K October 25, 2022, UTC+9 . Access to it can only be obtained after passing the main story 02-28. Click on the childhood dream icon on the main screen to gain access to the event.

Event Dreams of Childhood Honolulu in Tears of Themes

The purpose of the NXX is to win the main prize of the Honolulu event from Hoyland. You will be instructed to collect hints Continue the story about the event.

The Honolulu tamping event is divided into three stages.

  • The first stage is unlocked automatically.
  • The second stage will open on October 14th.
  • The last stage, the third stage, will open on October 17.

The epilogue can be viewed after you viewed all the tips and read the truth related to the clamp. Subsequent stages will be unlocked only if you find the Pravda at the previous stage.

To get tips, you need to perform a row every day tasks . Each completed task will also reward you with Yoko vouchers, which you can use to play in childhood house mini-game with tile turning.

In addition to daily tasks, at each stage you have to complete one unique task for the debate.

The first stage: debate with evading the fare for the fare once in the main story. It can be found in the main story. 02-05 . The second stage: debate with shadow shopkeeper once in the main story. It can be found in the main story. 03-14 . Third stage: discussion with people cutting lines once in the main story. It can be found in the main story. 04-02 *.

After receiving all the tips at each stage, the head of the plot event will open. Go to the main menu and go to truth to view them. 100 S-chips will be rewarded for each fully completed stage. The Dreams of Innocence event badge will be rewarded after you look at all four chapters.

What is the action Childhood House in Dreams of Childhood?

How House of Childhood is a 4 × 5 mini-game with tile turning into which you can play to get a lot of awards. You can get access to it by touching the Childhood House icon located in the upper right corner of the main screen.

Two SR cards in the event Dreams of Childhood-Artem and Incan only be obtained in this mini-game. They are not in the pool of the Banner of the Dreams of Childhood.

Awards of the House of Childhood

First pool:

  • Artem Sr Heart listener
  • Tears of Semis X2
  • SR X2 selection star
  • Oracle of justice IV X24
  • Stellar X60,000
  • Logic chip x2
  • Intuition chip x2
  • Sympathy chip x2
  • Icon of senior prosecutor X16
  • Model Pistol X16
  • Tie clip x32
  • Sapphire cuff links x32

Second pool:

  • Remove Wed entangled in love
  • Tears of Semis X2
  • SR X2 selection star
  • Oracle of justice IV X24
  • Stellar X60,000
  • Logic chip x2
  • Intuition chip x2
  • Sympathy chip x2
  • Sliding poker maps X16
  • Ceramic tea cup X16
  • Voice recorder X32
  • Pocket watch x32

Access to the second pool can only be obtained after all the cards of the first pool are turned upside down. Each flu needs either 160 vouchers Yoko or 160 s chips .

How to get more Yoko vouchers in the event Dreams of childhood

In addition to getting tips, Yoko vouchers can also be in the tests of the Home. Go to the main page of the event Dreams of Childhood to get access to it.

Recommended power levels of Battle of Wits

  • Questions and answers Training 1: 18 051
  • Questions and answers second training: 40 065
  • Questions and answers third training: 80 153
  • Q & A Training 4: 112 978

Nevertheless, with a decent improved deck, the Home talisman in Q & A Training Four can be defeated at a power level of ~ 95,000. Try more complex levels, even if you do not think that you can. They reward more than Yoko vouchers.

After the level of training of questions and answers will be passed once, you can quickly pass it with the help of a review function. Until five training and answers are available every day. Unused Yoko vouchers will be converted into 100 tells after the event.

If you fulfill all the tasks of the event and pass daily training of questions and answers without misses, you can turn all the cards in the first pool. This means that you can potentially get the Artem SR card Heart listener for free .

Whether you get Van SR Entangled in Love for free or not, depends on good luck. Of course, if you really want a card, you can spend S-chips and pray.

How to go through the event Dreams of childhood Brain Challenge

In the tests of the Home, there is also another part called the brain call . Brain Challenge will not reward you with any Yoko vouchers, but you will get S-chips when you clean them.

40 S-chips are awarded for passing levels from the first to the third. A memorable event limited by the event business card will be rewarded when the fourth level is cleared.

You can use only one type of card to discuss each clam.

  • The first level: only logical maps; Recommended power 135 864
  • Second level: only a map of sympathy; Recommended power 135 864
  • Third level: only intuition maps; Recommended power 135 864
  • Fourth level: there are no requirements for the type of card; Recommended power 170 342

As you can see, they are quite complicated, so carefully plan your decks. Develop your RAC cards if you need. They can be placed in your deck support for additional influence and protection.

Remember: all the additional S-chips that you will win in Dreams of Childhood can also come in handy during the upcoming Halloween event of the Beings Night Rave from Tears of Themes.

The next event of thesis of themes: enchanting night rave

The Bewitches Night Rave event will be attended by Luke-Wonderland, Vampire VIN, Devil Marius and Android Artem.

MR cards have a lower power level compared to SR maps, but they are exclusive events that will never appear in the bullet of two-month rotation. If you need all four MR cards, you need to accumulate 7200 S-chips. We will publish more detailed information when the event begins!

To find out more news and guidelines for Tears of Themes, read some other articles here in Pro Game Guides.


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