Gorgeous guests of Yuka Kuramochi, Onuki, and Zangiev Itabashi participate! Western digital WD_BLACK fan meeting [Event Report]

September 23, known for gamers storage Western Digital WD_BLACK fan meeting WD_BLACK FAN MEETING FALL GUYS PARTY **** Was held in.

WD_BLACK FAN MEETING Fall Guys Party is the second fan meeting. This is a general offline event that enjoys Fall GUYS with a popular game-based influencer, with MC, ARU (ARU), Angie, Takashi Angie, Yuma Karachi, and ONUCI, a talent. In this article, we will introduce the introduction of the products exhibited, mini talk shows, and the first part of the event where the custom match tournament was held.

WD_black product exhibition corner

At the venue, a lineup of WD_BLACK is displayed from the built-in drive to external drive. There was also a corner where you can experience the speed of WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD that supports PS5.

Portable SSD game storage WD_BLACK P40 GAME DRIVE SSD

Overwhelming reading speed WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD **


Talk time stepped into private


In the talk time when the guests answered the questions recruited in advance, there is also a private story. When asked, What is your daily timetable?, Yuma Karachi revealed that her husband and professional gamer, Footman, will actively participate in child-rearing.

Yuma Karachi goes to work from noon, and during that time Fandom plays her son, and when Karachi comes back at night, she plays games and practice games and practice. In the evening, it is a routine to take a bath together, and after leaving her son asleep, he seems to play the game until the morning. In the morning, her son cry and wake up, so Yuma Karachi takes care of her before she goes to bed, and she sleeps until noon.

Although the professional gamer players have a little less practice time due to child-rearing, they often inspire, such as Ah! It seems to be a lifestyle like thinking.

ONUCI, who has many achievements in the fighting game, replied that it is moving in various ways to become a new Pacino YouTuber. Still, I love games, so at night I have a Street Fighter series and games, so I sometimes get up and get up from 3 to 4 o'clock in the morning.

Professional gamer Angie, a professional gamer who has a track record in fighting games, is basically a night-life to work on online matches. Players around the world have different life rhythms and time differences, so their opponents change at 8:00 pm/midnight at midnight. He said his training style, saying, It's better to play until late, because fighting many players leads to good practice.

Next, the question, What are you hooked outside the game? She moved to a 35-year-old house, Yuma Karachi, answered that she was elaborate in the interior. She was a chic taste house, so she said, I throw away things that are thrown away, referring to the blogs and books of the minimalist to reduce her furniture as much as possible.

And Mr. Takashi Angie replied that he was addicted to poker. She went to Las Vegas at the overseas event, and she looked at her eyes, I'll definitely do poker at a casino, and looked into the gambler-like side.

Fall Guys Custom Match Game Tournament

In the Fall GUYS custom match, which was challenged by about 30 people each time, all four matches also participated. The enthusiastic battle was unfolded.

The three guests are practicing for this day, and I will be able to bring a small My Mouse that is easy for Karachi and women to handle it. However, many Ga chi , which has been playing since the beginning of the release of FALL GUYS, has been visiting the venue on this day, and made three guests groaned with advanced techniques.

The Fall Guys, where you can watch such a fan meeting style event and a gameplay that you can just watch even if you drop off, is just a good match. We watched super play and operation mistakes together, and both guests and visitors were shouting and screaming.

The joy of clearing the stage in the first place for the first time, and the relief surviving with a crisis. And I was amazed at the skill of the skilled player, and the expression of the three guests was impressive.

The winners of each match are all of Fall Guys. Most people have been playing the same work since the first release, and they play for more than 1,000 hours. And the gift to the winner is I can get one favorite WD_BLACK product. generous!

The end of the event was a lottery where luxurious goods hit. Items that seem to be easy to use with stylish designs, such as food hoodies, shirts, and thermos bottles with the WD_BLACK logo, have passed to the winners.

WD_BLACK FAN MEETING Fall Guys Party, which showed an excitement like an offline event in two hours. The third is scheduled to be held, so let's look forward to the next Western Digital Fan Meeting, which will be enjoyed by guests and participants with the product lineup for gamers!


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