Gaming Gear 3 PICK will enable LOL pro gamer -class play

The League of Legends World Championship (Rolled Cup), the world's largest e-sports' competition, ended 12th on the 29th of last month. The Rolled Cup, where the professional game team Damon Kia, DR, Benji and T1 participated as LCK representatives, will be held for a month, starting with the play-in-stage. In particular, the Rolled Cup is attracting fans' expectations as the LCK team's split is outstanding, even though there is a fierce blood clot with the participating teams around the world. According to the statistics of the domestic PC room game research firm Gametic, the League of Legends (LOL) is still popular in the second week of October. In this situation, many LOL users are very interested in the equipment of the star pro gamers who participated in the Rolled Cup to improve their play performance. Introducing three gaming gears with great features for gamers who want to get closer to professional gamer play.


# Evolved wireless connection, gaming mouse with new mechanical switches, Logitech'G502 x Plus'

For those who spend time and passion for the game, nothing is as important as the mouse upgrade. Logitech's wireless RGB gaming mouse 'G502 X Plus', which was launched in Korea last month, is attracting the attention of LOL gamers with more evolved performance and brilliant design.

The G502 X PLUS, which is upgraded based on Logitech G's popular wireless gaming mouse G502, offers fast and sensual controls based on improved performance. It is equipped with a new Lightface Hybrid Optical Mechanical Switch to provide a fast response speed and stable feedback click. The HERO 25K gaming sensor can be applied to the speed of up to 25,600 DPI at the speed of 400 IPS or more, allowing you to track without any error. In addition, the upgraded LightS peed wireless technology can be used to reduce the response rate compared to the previous product and use it quickly and stably.

On the side of the mouse, there is a rive line removable button to adjust the DPI according to the play style, and the lighter scroll wheel can be used by switching to ultra-fast or precision mode using the top mode-only button. The bottom part is also made of PTFE material to reduce the buffering generated from the floor friction. The 16.8 million color combinations and eight signature lighting effects provided by the Lighting RGB feature added fun to see, and the product exterior color also has two configurations of white and black. It is equipped with a long battery life of up to 120 hours (when disabling RGB lights) and is compatible with Logitech Overplay to be used in real time.

#Gadbi gaming CPU for smooth online gameplay, Intel'Core i7-12700KF '

Gamers' concerns are deepening every year, with Gamers targeting the CPU products that are upgraded than the previous generation to target gamers. The more you invest in a CPU for a gaming PC, the more you can get the desired level of performance, but you can see the failure to buy it without mind the specifications of the existing system used, such as motherboards and graphics cards. In that sense, Intel's cost-effective CPU 'Core i7-12700KF', which is evaluated as being optimized for gaming play based on eight cores based on eight cores, will be a good choice.

It has eight P core and four E-cores in total, with a total of 12 cores to use the power to require high specifications, and tasks that require efficiency to use power efficiently. It also adds a total of 20 threads to handle the data processing ability, and specifies the priority of the task to proceed with Intel's thread director technology, and operates the most suitable cores to make file transfer and program loading speed. The Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6/6E WLAN has also been reduced by 75% compared to the previous generation. Can proceed. Thunderbolt 4 high-speed data transmission technology, which is 40Gbps (5 GB/s) with a top speed, can be played to play a variety of games by connecting to large files or gaming libraries.

# Light and strong gaming chair with ergonomic design, MSI 'MAG CH130X'

In order to improve gaming performance, it is also very important to have a comfortable play environment based on the right play posture. MSI's gaming chair 'MAG CH130X', which uses ergonomic design, is a gaming chair product with various functions and light and high durability.

Inspired by the racing car as a whole, the curved design is applied, and it is equipped with an ergonomic headrest and waist cushion that stably supports the spine and head. The product frame is made of steel, which effectively absorbs the impact while maintaining its initial support without shape deformation even in long use.

In the case of the backrest, the angle can be adjusted up to 150°, and the seats that support the hips can also be tilted to 15°. In particular, the gas lift, which is responsible for the central axis of the chair, is certified by class 4 in the Quality certification body TUV to allow safe and smoothly adjustment. Scratch is not easily occurred even in frequent movements as a wheel of artificial leather, and it is neatly finished with white stitching with black leather with carbon fiber patterns. The surface of the user's body was covered with velvet material to add a luxurious feeling.


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