Consecrated actor lost his chance to play Batman

Since Batman began on the big screen, many know that their iconic actor is neither more nor less than Michael Keaton, who from that moment catapulted in Hollywood. However, that adaptation of Tim Burton could be completely different from how we know him, specifically with the protagonist character.

Specifically, the consecrated Pierce Brosnan audition at the time for that film, but apparently failed to enter the end, that is due to a specific action that would bother the production. As is known, the British has not been able to enter a superhero movie until recently with Black Adam, that ironically is also DC .

This was what told the film director at this time, and based on that, the decision could have been made not to include it:

I remember saying something stupid to Tim Burton, I said ‘I can't understand any man who uses his underpants on his pants.


It is worth mentioning that Pierce Brosnan l and will give life to Doctor Fate in the Black Adam movie. Same that puts The Rock as the protagonist of the film.

It opens on October 20 ** in cinemas.


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