Tears of Femis Shan, Birthday, Hoyolab Awards Guide

The tears of Themes celebrate the last stage of the VIN's birthday with the help of the Loyola event, which begins with September 27 , 2022 K September 30 , 2022 . During this period, you can congratulate the wines on your birthday on the event page to get an exclusive Loyola avatar frame, which can be used within one year. In addition, participation in the draw will give you the right to win S-chip.

How to take part in the Loyola event in honor of the birthday of Semis VIN

Go to the official page of the event for Loyola via a browser or application that can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store. Loyola is a community platform for all Hoovers games, including Tears of Themes, Genshin Impact and others. To enter the system, enter your TEARS of Themes account, which duplicates your HOOVERS account.

After entering the system, scroll down to Section of comments and enter your birthday message for VAN. Do not forget to click on Send button! In addition, make sure you are sending a commentary on the source post- answers to existing comments are not taken into account !

How to get awards in the Loyola event dedicated to the birthday of Semis Win

Hoovers will give out the exclusive frame of the avatar desire in the light to all participants. After October 10 , 2022 . This is a Loyola gift that can only be used on the platform. Click on your profile in the upper left corner of the screen, select edit and select Change the avatar frame To use the avatar frame for the Wine Birthday! It is valid only for one year, so use a special border to the maximum while it still exists.

So In addition, 10 lucky ones randomly receive 200 S-chip remuneration through a draw. Your comment is considered a record, but if you make a few comments, the number of records will not increase. Hoovers will also announce the winners. After October 10 , 2022 and will contact them through Notification Loyola . Be sure to follow your notifications in case you win. If you have become one of the lucky ones, you need to provide Hoovers your UID so that they can distribute your prize in the game. You can find it by clicking on your profile in the upper left corner of the Semis's Tears, and then carefully copied numbers at the right .

Check out our guide on how to complete Van’s Travel Wish in the Tears of Themes A Wish in the Light to get more exclusive birthday awards.


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