[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] The season of G-Star returns after the distance from Corona 19. Still, the mask should be used, but it is expected to exceed the size of 2019 when it reflects the size of the exhibition hall and the spacing space, and it is expected to be decorated with a lively atmosphere rather than the limited 'iron barrel' last year.

This year, global offline game shows such as the Tokyo Game Show and Games Com are held in three years. However, there are a lot of global large companies that the game show itself has entered the specification tax as a new absence in recent years.

There is also a reason why you won't be on the game show. Nintendo Direct, PlayStation Showcase, Xbox Games Showcase, such as the unique game events that large companies such as the showcase of the Xbox Games are attracting attention, and the experience through the online showcase during the Corona 19 online showcase is also affected.

However, it is true that there are some sites where people who love games gather together. This is because offline game shows not only provide marketing, media connections, and business transactions, but also breathe as a festival for gamers.

The reason for the festival is only when the event is over and returns to reality. The festivals simply lists, displays, and sees the festivals, and are distinguished from the fairs, the memories of sharing through collective experiences, catharsis and excitement for the new work.

During the last period, the boss and visitors have been reduced due to Corona 19 and the defense measures. Unlike the previous year, which had been waiting for a few hours to demonstrate a few minutes, there was quite a response that the game demonstration opportunities were increasing and comfortable.

Reporter This year, G-Star is preparing for online content in parallel with the online experience of 2020 and 2021, when Corona 19 spread. Even after trial and error, it is hoped that it will be able to develop into a 'festival' where you can wait for the next G-Star with memories and excitement.


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