Moana quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you have already started your trip to disney Dream light, you can know about all the families that you will see throughout the game trip. Mona is one of many characters whom players can unlock in Disney Dream light Valley. And as soon as you do this, you can also fulfill all the series of quests included in its quest line.

This leadership tells how to unlock Mona and fulfill each of its quests in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to unlock Mona

Having made friends with Mona, players will be able to advance in the game and earn a lot of bonuses, such as star coins, the opportunity to catch fish, jewelry and outfits. And, fortunately, unlocking Mona is also not so difficult; You just need to make sure that you are performing some mandatory tasks in its sphere.

In order for players to unlock Mona and interact with her, they must first unlock Dream Castle . To do this, you must first fill out ‘ Mission Merlin ‘, who orders you to remove all the spikes from the entrance to the castle. As soon as this is done, you can access the door and go inside.

Here you will meet a choice in order to unlock any kingdom that you would like to visit. But you must remember that not every kingdom can be visited for free; Instead, you will need to pay for it.


To visit the kingdom of Mona, players must choose an option that reads: Ocean with a demigod .’ As soon as you teleport to its island, you will find it near the boat.

Disney quests of Mona in the Daylight Valley

In order for the players to bring Mona to the valley, they need to perform a number of quests. Below is a list of quests that the players will be invited to perform;

  • After the storm
  • How far will you go
  • The repair of the boat
  • Peacekeepers
  • Remembering
  • In search of Lois
  • Ceremony

after the storm

This is the first quest that players will have to perform for Mona in Disney Dream light Valley. For this mission, you must first enter the kingdom and talk with Mona in order to start a quest.

You will ask Moan for help, but she will tell you that, although she would like to do this, first you need to do some other things. If you first agree to help Mona, she will help you in response. This will cause a quest for you.

At first, you will be asked to find eight pieces of wood throughout the island. You will find them all in the following places;

  • You will find the first two parts near the coastline. One next to the tree, and the other between two palm trees.
  • The third piece of wood will be found between the banana and the palm tree near the place where you talked with Mona.
  • From the banana tree, go to the ship thrown ashore, and you will find the fourth wooden part.
  • Come to the boulders from the ship, and you will find the next piece of wood.
  • Go to the opposite side of the boulders and find the next wooden piece.
  • For the last two parts, return to the boulders and follow the coastline. You will find a piece next to banana and palm trees.

As soon as you collect all the wood, now you need to delve on the island to find three silk. You will find silk in the following places;

  • In the starting area, not far from the coastline.
  • Go to the boulders near the tip of the coastline.
  • You will find a bunch of sand with an object behind boulders, bananas and coconut palm trees.

How far will you go

In the beginning you need to talk with Mona to start a quest. As soon as the quest begins, Mona will want to talk to you about what she found.

Then she will give you a strange map and ask you to study it and understand it.

Interact with the map and talk to Mona about what hides memory. From this moment, you will need to search for various areas in the sea to find something that illuminates the path through the fog.

You will have four options from which you choose a coral reef. Here you will find a torch that you will take and bring Mona. From this moment and then make your way through the fog with the help of Mona.

As you move, you will notice something moving in the water that you need to catch and show Mona.

After that, Mona agrees that this is a great place to fishing, and agree to go with you.

At the last stage, you will need to make sure that Mona feels comfortable in the village by placing Face Mona.

Rearing of a boat

After the second quest, Mona will inform you that her boat has broken, and she needs your help to fix it.

To start a quest, you will need to follow Mona to a broken boat, and then talk about the repair of the boat. Now you will need to collect the following items to fix the broken boat;

Soft wood x50 *: You can find next to Plaza and a peaceful meadow. X70 or algae x14 : instead, we recommend choosing seaweed, which is easy to find next to the confidence and Dazzle Beach. Pink hydrangea X3 : You can find next to the beach of Dazzle.

As soon as all objects are collected, create the following items to fix the broken boat;

District wooden box X3 *: Kraft from the option Furniture. baskets x3 : craft from the option furniture. ropes X4 : Creation from the option Exquisite material.

After manufacturing, give the collected objects to Mona. After repairing the boat, a strange object will appear. Raise it and pass it on to Mona.


As soon as your friendship with Mona is further strengthened, you will need to complete the peacemakers quest.

This quest follows a strange object that you found in the previous quest. Maui knows what it is, but Mona is not in a good relationship. Therefore, you need to start reconciliation between them.

For this quest you will need to cook three dishes for Maui. When you finish making a salad of seafood, a fruit salad and a usable plate, you will be invited to use the workshop to make a gift of Maui Venlo.

Collect sand wood that is easy to find in this area and create an oar. Give it to Mona, and she will go to Maui to give him this.

Listen to how they talk, and Maui will explain that a strange object is a leader of a leader. When you listen to them, another fragment will appear; Take it and give it to complete the quest.


For this, the Mona quest will ask you to remove all the night spikes from her house. Do this using your magic until the spike opens the memory. Explore this memory and tell Mona.

She will tell you about the magic flower in the forest of valor; You will have to go and pick up 10 of them. As soon as this is done, a new memory will open. Explore it again and inform Mona about it. Then talk with Maui, where another memory will open.

Inspect it and let Mona again. Now return to the forest and collect six blueberries from there. Then examine another memory; After that, Mona will understand that she left her pet Lois in the Dream light Valley.

Here you will be asked to collect three coconuts to help Moan lure Lois back into the open space, and then, finally, as soon as this is done, a fragment will appear. Take it and give it to Mona to complete the quest.

in search of Lois

Mona will ask you to go to a fishing boat with her to see if PUA has dried up. Follow her, and then talk to her as soon as you find yourself in a fishing boat.

After that, she will ask you to find Lois; To do this, you will have to explore meadows and ponds.

Here you will find the golden tracks that you are informing Mona. Go to Remi restaurant to get a plate with food outside, and then go to the forest to find PUA.

Free the PUA from the thorns and collect the fragments. Give them to Mona to complete the quest.


In the final quest, available at the 10th level, Mona will tell you about the tradition of folding stones in its culture, and you must do the same with the fragments of the leader.

She will ask you to create an honorable place of 50 stones, 10 iron ingots and 3 shells from the kingdom of Mona. From the collected materials, create a place of honor and talk to Mona.

Place the leader of the leader in your place of honor and talk with Mona, where she will thank you and point out a new constellation in the sky. In the end, she will also reward you with the Tropical Flourish Gown dress.


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