Middle -earth: Shadow of War Shadows of the Past Mission Guide

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the Shadows of the Past mission is a great addition to the new Middle-earth. These are small missions that are not mandatory, and in this leadership we will tell you how to fulfill them.

Middle-earth: Shadows of war shadows of past missions

You can perform them for experience, skills and additional equipment. This step-by-step leadership of the shadows of past missions gives you a general review of how to fulfill each of these missions if you are stuck on especially difficult.


You need to kill Uruks without receiving a single blow. There are groups of Uruks that are located near explosive barrels and rocks. You need to unlock skills known as AEE Might attacks, shadow blows and counters that can kill.

Kill all the Uruks you see near explosive barrels. As an alternative, you can use a chain of secretive attacks against enemies that are far from barrels and shelves if you are participating in battles with them. You do not need to stay in secrecy, but just make sure not to get a blow.


You control Drake during this mission. You must stop the riders on the beasts when they try to get to the inner fortress. Players can also free three other dragons who are held captive.

Give preference to the murder of animals in this area and use fiery breathing with fire balls to prevent them from flying. Do not forget to burn all enemies, as they can still reach the fortress when their vehicles are destroyed.


You need to force your enemies to kill each other in this mission, for this reason you need to have dominate skill in your arsenal. You need to dominate enemies with combat superiority using your power if you strive for bonus goals.

To force the orcs to press each other, destroy the enemy and ask one of your allies to press it. Make 15 enemies to kill each other to go through the mission.


You must kill five ologes using secrecy. This is easy, but go for additional goals-no. Hide from enemies and archers in the towers. Kill Ologov only when they are al1. Do not use the shadow blow, as it will not kill the ologate, and you will be immediately noticed.


You must kill enemy karagoors with arrows. In the beginning, run forward to the arrows to pick them up. Now find a place where you can shoot at the Karagory pursuing you and shoot them in the head to quickly deal with them. Run away from enemies if you are not in focus and arrows. Kill all five karagors to complete the mission.


A large group of ghouls will run to you, and you can stop them with your arrows if you aim at explosive barrels in the hills in front. You must use five or less arrows if you plan to get a bonus target in the mission. Try to use your attention when you see a ghoul near an explosive barrel, and you can easily kill 40 enemies within 5 arrows to get an additional target.

Ancient Leader: Champion

In this mission, you have to kill enemies with combat executions to appear the champion, and then dominate it. Get into the fortress and start killing enemies, reflecting incoming attacks to get a series of blows.

Kill 3 enemies with execution so that the champion comes out. Remember that the champion cannot be frozen and it is protected from arrows, so you need to use explosive barrels and fiery pits to damage it. Dominate him after you break it to complete the mission.


The purpose of this mission is to destroy the hordes of enemies in this area. There are much more enemies than the affordable dragons, so carry out attacks in the region to destroy several eve of enemies at once. To do this, knock down barrels and bonfires with your arrows.

Enemy detachments will immediately set fire to the seles, so, as soon as the battle begins, shoot from the front and rear stem to get the head start over the dragons.

After you spill all the firepower, use elven rage to maintain a constant level of murder.

The bonus task can be completed by talking with the dragon yourself when, with a healthy lead, shoot the arrows towards the dragons to kill them.

The mission ends when the timer reaches zero, and you won the murder race.


To begin with, ride, saddle Karagora, whom you will find as soon as the mission begins. NBA 2K shoot it and use the ability to dominate it.

On the way to the camp, wander around and pick up the new Caragogors allies. When you are ready, move to the indicated point on the mini-card.

Your goal here is to destroy all 50 enemies, having completed several additional tasks that include the destruction of all opponents over a certain period of time and receiving 5 equestrian killings.

Here, your allied karagoors come to your aid and help destroy enemy detachments. Beware of enemy archers, as they stun you or hit your horse and kill it.

The destruction of each last enemy will complete the mission.


The purpose of this mission is to destroy Roy Guly with the help of your graug. The key consideration in this mission is to control its time, destroying the hordes of enemies.

The most effective strategy for this will be spam with fiery breathing throughout the surrounding area for the complete destruction of the enemy at the allotted time.

Three indicated areas must be destroyed, go to each area, destroy all the ghouls nearby and go to the next specified area.

A spontaneous attack can also be used to destroy the enemy during the specified period.

ancient leader: cunning

For this mission, you need to destroy hostile enemy detachments and instill fear in them, forcing them to run. The best strategy when hovering the enemy is to jump from a height and defeat the enemy before he notices you.

To maintain secrecy, make sure that you do not use the ability of Shadow Strike on your enemies. You can also complete the bonus task by destroying the leader’s bodyguards before the appointed time.

After you successfully and imperceptibly destroy 12 enemies, the leader will be called into battle. The surrounding barrels can be thrown to create a space between you, leader and other enemies. This will be especially useful when evading the poisonous attacks of the surrounding enemies.

Destroy clones and switch your attention to the leader. Dramate the leader and apply the Shadow Dominate skill to complete the mission.


You will be riding on the dragon, trying to kill 35 orcs in this area. In the beginning, burn the captain with fiery breath, and then kill all other enemies in this area.

Try to constantly move and spread fire in the area to make sure that you have completed a mission for the time necessary to fulfill a bonus target.


Get to the track point, and then pass by the enemies in this area. When you get to the top of the tower, use your ability of a bird of prey to destroy seven enemies, and then jump down (using the sight to slow down) so that you can kill enemies around you using your onion.

Take three shots in the head and kill enough enemies before the time expires to get bonus awards.


In this mission, you sit on Karagor and must destroy 10 enemies in the area. Kill four enemies using secrecy on top to fulfill an additional goal.

Move in the area and make sure that you will not be noticed, and remember that hidden attacks are what you need.

To complete an additional task, get to the tents on the top of the region, and then try to use secrecy to kill enemies from above. Archers in the towers can be easily destroyed with onions.

ancient leader: Grog-Hoader

Get to the top of the walls in the fort and then look for barrels at which you will shoot with arrows. Shoot in three barrels, and the leader will appear.

Try to use the area around the leader to kill smaller enemies, and then switch your attention to the leader. You can get a bonus target by destroying 10 enemies with one explosive barrel. Defeat the leader to go through the mission.


Use your shadow blow to destroy all archers in this area. Kill fourteen enemies in the allotted time to get an additional goal.

Archers are far from each other, so try to aim at each enemy and consistently use a shadow blow so that you can slow down the time while you focus on enemies. Kill all enemies to complete the mission.


There is a stunned captain whom you must harden. You can get a bonus target if you kill the captain before the time has expired.

Avoid enemies and use buildings as transport at the beginning of the mission to get to your place. Run to the captain and surrender him to go through the mission.


In this mission, you will face the horde of enemies and you will need to kill thirty of them. There are several bonus goals for such objectives as performing ten ideal counters. Continue to fight enemies and kill thirty of them to complete the mission.

Ancient Leader: Fear Eater

You must terrorize enemies in this mission. To do this, you need to kill enemies in groups, which will force other enemies to be afraid and leave your posts.

Jump from the top of the buildings to easily harden enemies, as you will be in secrecy. Do this with twelve enemies, and the leader will come out. Dominate the leader to finish the mission, and kill his bodyguards before killing the leader, if you want to get a bonus target.


Ancient Leader: Iron Mountain

Enter the fort, jumping over the walls, and then free five karagory from their cells. This will make the leader go out, who will sit on Karagora. Use your shadow blow to free the horse from his hands and start the battle. You can get a bonus goal if you use dominance on Earth to defeat the leader, or execute other enemies on horseback. Dominate over the leader to complete the mission.


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