How to get Proof of Contribution in Tower of Fantasy - Vera Orienteering

The Tower of Fantasy vera orienteering event will bring you new tests and a chance to prove your value. During the event, you will perform missions to get Proof of Contribution and deform energy cells. You will have to be patient, as the phases will open gradually. What do you need to do is to fulfill these requests to get the evidence of the contribution?

How to get a confirmation of the contribution to tower of Fantasy?

You can get evidence of the contribution as well as warp-energy cells Performing missions at the stages of the vera orienteering event. You will receive proof of Contribution for the fulfillment of various goals at each stage. For example, for stage 1 you will receive:

  • 600 Proof of Contribution for the victory over the five thugs-hyenas.
  • 500 Proof of Contribution for the use of chips for a threefold opening of chests with passwords


How to use Proof of Contribution in Tower of Fantasy?

Having received POC, you can receive awards in the travel store. These energy cells of the warp are important, as you can use them on the event page to get the evidence of the contribution, as well as to promote in the Varp-energy cell progress . Having reached a certain level, you will open more awards.

This progress has a limit level that limits the number of awards that can be obtained by the phase. Despite this, you can continue to receive proof of Contribution and deform energy cells. When the progress of the cells reaches its maximum, you can use the energy cells of deformation only to obtain more evidence of the contribution. Keep in mind that you cannot immediately get all the awards. With each step, the store will open more things.

How many stages are Vera competitions in sports orientation?

The vera orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy will consist of three stages. Each stage is opened in the established (real) date. To play in this event, you need to go through the main story of Nation men of the Ecological Station, after which you will gain access to the award page. The phase will open on the following dates:

Phase 1: entrusted * available at the beginning of the event Vera Entering. Stage 2: Cleaning Agreement starts on October 1, 2022. Stage 3: Clean contract starts on October 7, 2022.

To obtain additional guides on Tower of Fantasy in the game guides for professionals, read the sections where to find all the goals on the artificial island in Tower of Fantasy and how to play in the Aida Café in Tower of Fantasy-all awards .


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