Charity event Genshin Impact? Providing funds? Events' quests - ballads and beer

Charity event? Providing funds?-This is the quest of the Genshin Impact event, which takes place as part of the event Ballads and Beer dedicated to WeinlesEfest, one of the most important holidays of Ronstadt. The event takes place from September 29 , 2022 K October 17 , 2022 At the same time, you can exchange awards of festive fever until October 24, , 2022 .

As a preliminary condition, you must fulfill the first quest of the event called sounds from afar. Will this automatically unlock the charitable event? Providing funds?, Which includes assistance to the knight Famous named Bernhard in providing funds to open his kiosk.

How to get a charitable action? Providing funds? Quest in the event of Ballads and brews in genshin Impact

Talk to Bernhard in Springtail, and he will ask you to agree with the merchant. Then follow the marker of the quest to the neighboring Hall of Angel, which is controlled by Georg. You need to order 50 boxes of the festival fruit, using the Mores by Bernhard.

Of If you offer too low the price, Georg will refuse your offer, and his mood will fall. But if you offer too much, you will have little left for later. We recommend that you offer about 13000 Morey since Georg will always accept this amount and will still leave you a few remnants to participate in the competition Charity and creativity.

Use slider to change the amount that you offer, and click confirm as soon as you are ready to transfer to Morey George. As soon as this is done, before you encounter Barbara, a small cat-scene will begin. The quest of the event will end after talking with her, after which a challenge and creativity will open, where you should help Bernhard get funds and equip his kiosk.

Check out our guidance on how to get the Having test in the event Ballads and beer in Genshin Impact to enjoy even more fun on WeinlesEfest.


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