APEX Legends - all tests of the Predatory Beast event

The event Apex Legends Beast of Prey is held from September 20, 2022, to October 4, 2022 and includes the new temporary regime Gun Run, 24 new cosmetic items that can be earned or purchased, as well as daily tests for the free chain of the awards Beast Of Prey.

The predatory beast event includes five multi-level trials that can be performed every day to earn up to 1600 points to track awards. There are two tests only for Battle Royale and three, which can be performed in any mode, including Gun Run. Here are the tasks and how many points you can earn for each of them:

  • Play matches (2, 5): 200 points.
  • Damage (1500, 3500): only 300 points
  • Get murders or help (15, 25): 300 points.
  • Get knockdown in BR (5, 12): 300 points.
  • BR: Take the 10 best in the match (4, 10): 300 points.


Free rewards for the predatory beast event reach 5,000 and end with the legendary Flat line skin. Two weeks before the completion of the chain of awards, there are many opportunities to earn points throughout the event.

A simple way to quickly inflict damage and complete the murder/help task is to play Gun Run or Arenas. Both modes on average take more time, but the damage accumulates very quickly. Players can go through the entire chain of awards, completing all tasks every day for three days.

To learn more about Apex Legends, read all the changes in updating the Apex Legends Beast of Prey event in the game manual for professionals.


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