Who are the keepers of events in Lost ARK?

Lost ARK has many different events and raids in which you can take part. Guardians of events . The guardians of events are very similar to the raids of the guards with a small highlight. You can go through these raids alone or in a group and track three guards.

To begin with, you should be at the level of 50 and have an object level of at least 250. As soon as you enter the raid, your goal is to attack the guardian of events. This will lead to the fact that different buffs will be dropped from him, which can be folded together up to three times. Then you can use these buffs to help defeat all three guards.


After they are defeated, chests with awards in which there will be tokens, as well as other things inside, will fall out of them. These events can only be completed once a day and only once on a character . This means that if your list of characters is completely filled on the server, you will have the opportunity to go through the guardian of events up to six times a day.

After completing the raid, you can spend earned tokens from the closest merchants. Sellers will have many different valuable awards that change and are updated every week.

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