The Chant: New Behind-the-Scenes video clip is the cast of the horror

After The Chant was recently validated for a launch in November this year, Brass Token currently provided a fresh designer diary with which a look behind the scenes of the horror adventure is implemented. As component of the new Behind the curtain videos, the different stars have their say behind the personalities and also discuss their job on the video game.

With the programmers of Brass Token, The Chant is presently being created with a horror adventure that is supposed to score with both its interesting history and his eerie atmosphere.

In enhancement to impacts from The Chant, one or the various other fascinating narrative awaits you.

A dark ritual guarantees scary

Anton The tale of The Chant focuses on a withdrawal sect that opens up a site into a dark globe with a dark ritual and also hence creates anxiety as well as scary. According to the developer, the objective of the sect is to attain the spiritual enlightenment and also to be baited a liberating journey.

At the current with the opening of the dark portal, however, a struggle for people's fate starts. However, the truth conceals a complex and also dark story that leads you on a dreadful method while it unravels chaotically before your eyes, said the designers.

Additional records on The Chant :

The Chant will certainly be available for the PC, PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox Collection X/S from November 3, 2022. The applications for the old consoles PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in the meantime were stopped for technical factors. | launch day as well as new trailer with game impressions | Story trailer for the action horror title published

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